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May 20, 2009 12:59 PM

Restaurants and cafés with wi-fi

I often working away from home and I was wondering which wi-fi restaurant/café in Montréal is your favourite?

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  1. Lili & Oli
    2515 Rue Notre Dame, Montreal

    Patrick makes a mean coffee!

    1. If you're anywhere near the West End, Shaika Café on Sherbrooke W. near the old Cinema V has wifi and has a really nice vibe:

      1. Not my favorite, but the Second Cup at Guy and St Catherine.

          1. My boyfriend works in coffee shops a couple of times a week and his favorite so far is Arts Cafe (201 Fairmount). He also likes Else's (156 Roy E) and Cagibi (5490 Saint-Laurent) but they tend to get loud and Else's is having some wifi issues these days. A

            Working at SoupeSoup (80 Duluth E) wasn't bad last year, when there was construction upstairs and was going crazy from the noise. Yet not sure they still have wi fi. Across SoupeSoup, there is Fucshia, you can steal their wi fi as well. I've also recently had lunch at Em Cafe (5718 Park Ave) and loved the space. The food was OK, not bad, neither earth shattering. The space was airy and not too loud. Based on my conversation with the workers, I had the impression that they have free wi fi.

            Also check this out: