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Salsa's Mexican Grill in montgomery mall

Whoa got two nice coupons today in the mail from junk mail mag called Shopping Spree. One is for salsa's. I guess they are taking over the old Ruby Tuesdays place. Anyone try yet? Best of all there is a coupon for Yalda Grill and Kabobs! Nice! Now if I could just get over my tummy troubles I'll be trying each of these places. Looks like Salsa's is owned by the Plaza Azteca folks from plymouth meeting and from what I've heard from chowhounds, that's a good thing.

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  1. Hey Carbs, took my daughter to Salsa's for lunch last week. She really liked it. I thought it was just okay. I judge all Mexican restos on their guac. Meh.

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      Me too! I wonder if El Cactus in souderton is still in business. They had some fine guac. Salsa's is where ruby tuesdays was, right?

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        It is. I knew there was a new resto there, but really did not know what it was until we got to the mall. I've had the guac at El Cactus. Definitely good stuff!

    2. we ate here last night on a whim because we needed to get something in the mall anyway. We LOVE mexican food and were terribly disappointed by this place. The salsa and chips were fine, and the service was polite (if a little slow), but the food was a complete failure. H had fajita burritos that were covered in a cheese sauce. They were the best item on the table, but were still pretty bland and unappetizing looking. D had a kids chicken enchilada. Nothing on her plate had any taste whatsoever, and the tortilla tasted puffed up and funny...the whole thing was basically mush. I ordered chicken enchiladas poblanas. Again, mushy tortillas, and a sauce that looked like it came out of a swamp--greenish brown, oily sludge. It was inedible. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, but nothing like it had ever been anywhere near a poblano pepper. It was served with rice and a 'guacamole salad' that was nothing more than shredded lettuce and a half slice of tomato with about a tblsp of guac on it. I have never done this, but I actually sent the whole dish back. They offered to bring me something else, so I opted for the carne asada tacos....grilled steak bits in corn tortillas (definitely supermarket tortillas) with pico de gallo and beans. The beans had zero texture...it almost seemed like they came from a powdered mix or something. The pico de gallo was ok. We definitely won't be back anytime soon. We'll just take the drive up 309 to El Cactus in Souderton where we always get a good meal.

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        Thanks for the heads up Mattsgal. I've been meaning to try that place but you saved me the time money and calories. And El Cactus is byob. I always get the chimichanga with beef. So yummy!

      2. My family just ate at Salsa's. They got three out of four of our meals wrong and what we did receive was not good. We will never go back there. They almost put a burning hot plate in front of the 15 month old. Not impressed at all. I will never recommend the place.

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          Wow that is terrible nikkid. So glad your little one didn't get hurt. John and I had a lovely meal at el cactus in souderton last week. Everything was yummy. from salsa and chips to fried ice cream. Our waitress was very good too.

        2. I love this place! The food is very good and the service is consistent and friendly. Since they opened I have been there at least twice a week and I tell all my friends about it. Is it Los Sarapes quality? No. But I really like it and it is about half the price of the higher end competition which is impressive for it's location and overall quality.

          1. I went last wed for dinner, and it was very tasty. Our waitress was not all I could have hoped, but I enjoyed the pork carnitas. Dinner for two was under $30, can't beat that!

            1. REALLY? I cannot believe so many people had a bad time there!!! My family has been going for years, atleast once a month and we only had one minor issue (asked for no onions, got them anyway- but who cares!). thats so strange! I don't want to sound like a weirdo blowing smoke up their @$$ but I tell everyone to go and beg my husband to have my birthday there every year. I love the food, and the drinks are great tasting and on the cheap side (sometimes a little too strong, but hey - that i am not complaing about!). Everyone has ALWAYS been friendly, and we have rarely have a long wait for our food. Its the only place my husband and myself can go for dinner + drinks and get out under $30 (with tip!) and omg, i love the chips and dip... no idea what is in the ranch or onion (what ever it is)- is is AMAZING <3 I would and do recomment SALSA'S! Also... the #2 on the combo meal is pretty darn tastey!!! <3

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                I agree with you, meatballmama! A native Texan, born and raised, I LOVE Salsa's! The service is friendly and prompt. Their chips and salsa are very good, and you can ask for a spicier, green salsa, as well. I have found their food to be quite authentic Tex-Mex. Their prices are extremely reasonable, and their drinks are very good. I choose to eat here often. I also choose to eat here for my birthday's and any other excuse I can come up with. I know Mexican food, and I know Tex-Mex food. This place is quite good.

              2. I thought Yalda Grill had closed? Has it reopened? That would be great news!

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                    Soooooooooooooooo embarrassing! Sorry - was getting all hot and bothered by the prospect of having Yalda Grill back...

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                      haha. You might want to know - I just ate at Plaza Alteca tonight in Plymouth Meeting. I believe this restaurant is owned by a brother or relative of the owner of Salsa's. Very similar menu. It is also very good with a better atmosphere.

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                        You're correct - Plaza Azteca and Salsas are owned by the same family. Love their food. :)

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                          Love their food, too! I just hope the word gets out, especially regarding Salsa's. Plaza Alteca has been extremely busy the times I've been there. Salsa's needs more word-of-mouth advertising, even though they have a steady stream of customers. I would hate to see any one of these restaurants fail.

                1. First time I ate there (well over a year ago), my husband and I said “never again” the food tasted warmed over and barely warmed at that. the rice was dried out, the beans were flat and the chicken was flabby and flavorless

                  Ate there again this past weekend with a friend, her husband and our kids.

                  First they tried to stuff three adults and three kids into a booth for four people. I have no idea why, because it was lunchtime and the place was practically empty

                  We asked for a larger table, and they acted as if it was a bother.

                  My friend's kid and my daughter ordered rice, my friend and I ordered beans, they got the sides completely opposite on both plates (whatever, mistake)

                  I had an enchilada with a dark guajillo sauce which, the sauce was good, but the chicken was flat and had no flavor

                  My daughter’s friend had enchilada poblanas, she ate about half and said she didn’t care for it at all

                  My friend had the chicken fajita, she said it was ‘very good’ and the peppers looked nice and it smelled good

                  My daughter had quesadilla rellena, and she was not impressed

                  The rice was dry (again) and the beans were just okay (tasted my daughter’s rice and her quesadilla, I wasn’t impressed either)

                  All in all, I probably won’t go back. I like to patronize locally owned places so I’m disappointed that there’s a place in the mall that I’m crossing off my list. I want good Mexican, I’ll go to Los Sarapes, or we’ll try one of the other places around like Habanero’s or something

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                    Sorry to hear that. Every time I've gone, they've been very accommodating, and the food has been very good. Of course, it doesn't compare to El Vez in Center City, but for the price, I was pleased with everything I ordered. I've even eaten at Mi Tierra in San Antonio, and Salsa's (in my dining experiences) has been very good. I'm hard to please when it comes to Mexican food, as I grew up in Texas. It's interesting all the different experiences. I will continue to dine at Salsa's until I have a negative experience.

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                      @nascarmom - just to say, if you like Steven Starr's El Vez, you may love Distrito (owned by Jose Garces, who was the original chef at El Vez); my unbiased opinion is that it's more delicious, fun, etc. in every way.

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                        Thanks, Mr. Peabody. I'll have to check it out.

                        Okay. Just checked it out. I'm in west Philly all the time. It'll be very convenient! Thanks for suggesting Distrito. I looks great!

                  2. Salsa's in the mall is closed. There is a sign saying they will honor gift certificates at the other place in plymouth meeting or something. I wonder if another restaurant will move into that spot.