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May 20, 2009 12:57 PM

Salsa's Mexican Grill in montgomery mall

Whoa got two nice coupons today in the mail from junk mail mag called Shopping Spree. One is for salsa's. I guess they are taking over the old Ruby Tuesdays place. Anyone try yet? Best of all there is a coupon for Yalda Grill and Kabobs! Nice! Now if I could just get over my tummy troubles I'll be trying each of these places. Looks like Salsa's is owned by the Plaza Azteca folks from plymouth meeting and from what I've heard from chowhounds, that's a good thing.

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  1. Hey Carbs, took my daughter to Salsa's for lunch last week. She really liked it. I thought it was just okay. I judge all Mexican restos on their guac. Meh.

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      Me too! I wonder if El Cactus in souderton is still in business. They had some fine guac. Salsa's is where ruby tuesdays was, right?

      1. re: givemecarbs

        It is. I knew there was a new resto there, but really did not know what it was until we got to the mall. I've had the guac at El Cactus. Definitely good stuff!

    2. we ate here last night on a whim because we needed to get something in the mall anyway. We LOVE mexican food and were terribly disappointed by this place. The salsa and chips were fine, and the service was polite (if a little slow), but the food was a complete failure. H had fajita burritos that were covered in a cheese sauce. They were the best item on the table, but were still pretty bland and unappetizing looking. D had a kids chicken enchilada. Nothing on her plate had any taste whatsoever, and the tortilla tasted puffed up and funny...the whole thing was basically mush. I ordered chicken enchiladas poblanas. Again, mushy tortillas, and a sauce that looked like it came out of a swamp--greenish brown, oily sludge. It was inedible. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, but nothing like it had ever been anywhere near a poblano pepper. It was served with rice and a 'guacamole salad' that was nothing more than shredded lettuce and a half slice of tomato with about a tblsp of guac on it. I have never done this, but I actually sent the whole dish back. They offered to bring me something else, so I opted for the carne asada tacos....grilled steak bits in corn tortillas (definitely supermarket tortillas) with pico de gallo and beans. The beans had zero almost seemed like they came from a powdered mix or something. The pico de gallo was ok. We definitely won't be back anytime soon. We'll just take the drive up 309 to El Cactus in Souderton where we always get a good meal.

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        Thanks for the heads up Mattsgal. I've been meaning to try that place but you saved me the time money and calories. And El Cactus is byob. I always get the chimichanga with beef. So yummy!

      2. My family just ate at Salsa's. They got three out of four of our meals wrong and what we did receive was not good. We will never go back there. They almost put a burning hot plate in front of the 15 month old. Not impressed at all. I will never recommend the place.

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          Wow that is terrible nikkid. So glad your little one didn't get hurt. John and I had a lovely meal at el cactus in souderton last week. Everything was yummy. from salsa and chips to fried ice cream. Our waitress was very good too.

        2. I love this place! The food is very good and the service is consistent and friendly. Since they opened I have been there at least twice a week and I tell all my friends about it. Is it Los Sarapes quality? No. But I really like it and it is about half the price of the higher end competition which is impressive for it's location and overall quality.

          1. I went last wed for dinner, and it was very tasty. Our waitress was not all I could have hoped, but I enjoyed the pork carnitas. Dinner for two was under $30, can't beat that!