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May 20, 2009 12:57 PM

Food & Wine Festival at National Harbor

Did anyone go to this event last year? (
)It looks appealing but I can't tell what it entails other than the speakers. I mean is there an opportunity for a bunch of tastings? My basis of comparison is Taste of The Nation, which I've been to several times.

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  1. I was wondering the same thing and its this weekend. Anyone?

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    1. We went on Saturday and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Yes, there were many free tastings - food, wine, beer, and rum drinks. Some items were available for sale.

      Our number 1 fav: Timothy Dean's Thai curry mussels. I am not a mussels person, but the broth was unbelievably tasty.

      Also yummy
      *Catering by Vest - Carribean food - curry chicken salad; beef patty; peas and rice
      *Peach Sunset drink from the Rums of Puerto Rico stall
      *Red gazpacho from Public House (there was a yellow gazpacho from another stall that was just OK)
      *Carolines Cakes - caramel cake. Super sweet but you could smell the caramel just standing in line
      *Fage Greek yogurt - my gf loved the full-fat version with strawberries

      1. $65 a pop. Not exactly recession-friendly pricing there. $30 for a 12 year-old? Are you kidding me?

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          These things are expensive-the Post event was $80 or 90 per day.

        2. We went last year and we had a great time tasting and enjoying the new harbor. Went on Sunday and because we purchased tickets early we were able to score a nice tray on which to hook our wine glasses and I have to agree with another poster who said Timothy Dean's mussels were to die for. Purchase of tickets done online in advance are definitely the way to go. Not as much wine as the Post event but the food is far better. Looking forward to attending again in the future.