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May 20, 2009 12:45 PM

HK tea

I try not to order the combos when I eat at the HK style restaurants or cafes for dinner. The tea is super, super strong! Fine with lunch, but last week, I made the mistake of ordering a combo with a hot HK tea for dinner, and I was scrubbing the tub at 3am!! OMG!

Do they steep the tea for hours? I'm much more used to regular tea (Tetley) or green tea. Also, why does coffee at most Asian places taste so awful (and this is just my opinon).

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  1. Why don't you order something else witrh your meal? Perhaps you could ask if they have hot lemon/w honey, some places even let you have ovaltine or horlicks. As to the quality of the coffee, you get what you pay for at some of these places. The meal is cheap and hopefully cheerful. An HK cafe that is a little more upscale (not really an oxymoron) might have coffee of a slightly better calibre. My complaint is more often that the tea is not strong enough. HK tea needs to have a backbone to stand up to all the evap milk & sugar I put in it.

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      I never order coffee at HK cafe. If tea is too strong, why don't you order the combo 1/2 tea 1/2 coffee. Or horlicks. Both would be more palatable if you find tea too strong.
      Usually, my peeve is that the ea is not strong enough and they are stingy on the evap milk.

      1. re: caitlink

        Thanks sweetie and caitlink. I've actually never tried Horlicks or Ovaltine? Being Asian, can you believe that??? I've been meaning to try it as well.

        A friend made me HK style tea at her home before with condensed milk and it was delicious. I can drink this, but only in the day!

        1. re: red dragon

          Yes, HK style tea is supposed a secret recipe of a mix blend of black teas. It's very very strong. I only have it the latest around 3pm!

          Not all the HK cafes serve the same blend. Depends where they get the tea from.

          I like my from Furama on Spadina. I just had one form the Furama at First Canadian Place, was good but not as fresh and hot from pot. It's in a thermos. But you get to add in your own sugar and carnation. Which is great. I think they put too much sugar for my taste buds.

    2. Actually, they boil the tea (with the leaves in it), not merely steeping it, that's one reason why it's so strong.