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May 20, 2009 12:29 PM

Resources for Egg Cups

Anyone have good resources for inexpensive but nice looking egg cups? I even tried E-Bay but didn't really come up with anything particularly interesting. Just basic, nothing fancy, not looking for collectibles either. Kind of like Fiestaware perhaps (they don't make them, alas).

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  1. Pfaltzgraff has egg cups for some of their patterns.

    Last fall I broke a little 40-yr old Figgjo pitcher that was a favorite; while looking for a replacement on eBay, I became obsessed with the design of their egg cups so I was looking at egg cups in general for a couple of months before finally getting the ones I wanted. They always had a couple of thousand egg cups so I can't imagine there's anything you won't find there if you keep looking. By the way, there's a word for egg cup collection: pocillovy. No idea what you mean by "basic" because there are several different basic designs.

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    1. re: greygarious

      I just meant not highly decorated, plain. So it will go with everything. I have a collection of Fiestaware in every color, so I'm hoping to find something non-patterened, but colorful.

      1. re: Elora

        Hmm - the Shelley might not be your thing then. They do have some very plain pieces, but many are very patterened so to speak.

        1. re: MMRuth

          They are lovely, but expensive. I want them for everyday use. If I was collecting, I'd grab them. I can see me getting there *some* day, but not yet :)

          1. re: MMRuth

            I can recommend espresso cups. They even come with a little saucer for the bits.

            And are you serious? Someone called their eggcups 'Shelley'? I guess that's better than Yokey.

            1. re: Paulustrious

              Shelley is, or was, an English make of bone china.


              Some of it is a bit twee, but some is quite simple and elegant with art deco shapes and designs. I bought a breakfast set for one with a lily of the valley pattern at an auction a number of years ago, and started to collect some more pieces.

              1. re: Paulustrious

                Since I still haven't gotten around to purchasing any this is brilliant - espresso cups! I have a few of them, and since I don't eat soft boiled eggs too frequently, these could pass in a pinch for now. Great idea Paul, I think we're having them for breakfast this weekend :)

        2. Try searching for Shelley egg cups on Ebay - English (so may not appeal to you) but you can sometimes find good deals.

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            1. So weird - I tried to reply to MMR's last post and no "box" would show up :/

              Anyhoo - those from Fishes Eddy are perfect. I totally forgot about them - I'm from NYC originally and used to go into their Eastside store frequently. I'm actually going to be in town this weekend, so perhaps I'll make a stop in there if I'm able to and see if they have them in the store. Egg cups shouldn't weigh me down too much as I go about my day, I'm only buying a few lol.

              If not, I'll just order them online. Thanks for locating those. Just what I need - I had to refrain from writing "eggsactly - but of course, just did :)

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              1. re: Elora

                For some reason, I had thought that they had closed their stores, and have "departments" in Gracious Home stores. I could well be wrong (their website says otherwise) but it might be worth calling to check.


              2. If I did get any, I'd go for plain white, or cornishware.