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Copper Canyon 8 Days a Week

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This forum is for postive posts about Copper Canyon.

I dine there quite often and have never had a bad meal or experience, so I would like to hear all you good meals there too.

1 of my favorite dishes is Chips and salsa, and I dont mind paying for them.
How about the fish tacos, smaoked salmon nachos. 2 great dishes.

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  1. While we certainly hope that people will share the best chow tips they have to share about Copper Canyon, we'd like like to remind all posters that this forum is open to all opinions (both positive and negative posts).

    1. Had the fish taco's on my last visit, and will on my next visit as well! Love the brie w/roasted garlic too......

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        I love the baked brie as well.
        Drew - Nice avatar ...MMMM Bacon ........

      2. Been hearing good things for a while, we are excited to finally try CC for the first time this Saturday. I'll let you know my first experience review after that.

        Any decent mid-upper range restaurant should not charge for chips and salsa though. That is the equivalent to charging for bread and butter. It is a negative if they do, but I won't let that sway my experience.

        1. I agree, the chips and salsa are amazing...but don't run out....you get charged for more of either....which is petty, in my opinion.

          1. A couple of more great things about Copper Canyon: Best LAMB CHOPS and STEAK/FRIES around...even with all of the tasty things, try the lamb chops as an appy and share the steak...aamazing!!

            1. Would anyone mind saying where and in what state this is in?

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              1. I agree the salsa and chips are worth paying for. That said I love the steak they do tend to undercook the steak. I usually enjoy med rare like any good carnivore but I order it med, here. I have not heard any raves for the spring rolls with black bean red onion and chorizio on top of the hottest and best asian slaw phenominal.The salad with the chile pecans is excellent. Lunch has a great deal and the steak chicken or pork taios are money. I once had a chocolate mousse that had some powdery spicy chile pepper that might sound wierd but afrer a meal like what I have layed out it/s heaven. I wish they wouldn't keep rasing their dinner prices.