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May 20, 2009 11:40 AM

DALLAS Help! He loves steak & I am OVER the Outback!

Help! He LOVES steak- would eat it every meal if he could! While we have been able to find certain acceptable compromises- the Outback, for example, I would love to find some better choices, less chainy, and affordably priced for the average evening meal. I know there must be some Chowhounds out there who can help- with bonus points awarded to those along the Central/75 Corridor.

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  1. By 75 corridor, would somewhere towards North Dallas, specifically Richardson/Plano be ok?

    2 places immediately came to mind:
    Betchee's Brazil in Richardson. Low key, neighborhood, locally owned churrascaria and it's priced much cheaper than the bigger ones (Rafain, TX De Brazil, Fogo). I'm fairly certain it's not as expensive as Rafain for the dinner buffet.

    Love and War in Plano. Food isn't out of this world, but you'll get a good value as their portions are ridiculously huge. You might be able to split some dishes 3 or 4 ways.

    1. I'm not clear whether you want a "steak restaurant" or a restaurant that has steak on the menu, but would allow you to order something else. I'm really not a steak person, but Parigi's has a great filet with great sides. I think it might be a little pricier than Outback. George Bush likes Dunston's.

      1. Well one thought would be Lake Way. It's not quite on 75 a bit in the country but it's interesting and Steak Friday night & Saturday I believe

        I would second Love and War, not great but again a bit different. Same price point as OutBack ..