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May 20, 2009 11:39 AM

Best Party Sandwiches

Looking to pick up about 6 or 7 dozen party sandwiches later this week. Any midtown/downtown rec's for yummy (and preferably not insanely priced) ones? Thanks!

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  1. Pickle Barrel does really good traditional ones - tuna, egg, cream cheese, etc. I know we all (me too) hate PB, but they make good party sandwiches.

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    1. re: canadianbeaver

      Not as good as those from Centre Deli. And they are kind of sloppy too.

      1. re: lamaranthe

        I guess living in the downtown core with no car does limit your selection, though. I think most people on this board have access to wider range of options than I would.

      1. re: duckdown

        No offense-but I would skip both Katz's and PB's. The two best options by far in TO are Centre Street Deli and Leslie's Party Sandwiches.


          1. re: robb

            I'll give a HUGE thumbs-up to Lesley's. You can buy them at What a Bagel in the forest hill village. Sometimes when I'm having a craving, I buy a large container for my wife and I. It takes all our willpower not to devour them in about 4 minutes :-)

            Problem is, they are a small fortune. A large container is $13.00. A small container is $10 but you get double the amount in the large. So the choice between small and large is clear.

            For a treat that good, they are worth it.

            Don't make the mistake of buying Aisha's party sandwiches, which are right next to Lesley's and much cheaper. They are made with miracle whip and have a sweet, kinda gross taste.

            1. re: acd123

              Hi guys - thanks for the rec's. What a Bagel in the Village is doable, Thornhill not so much. Any idea how many pieces are in the large box? Just trying to figure out if it's much cheaper to order directly from Lesley (and pay for delivery). Thx.

              1. re: peppermint pate

                Probably MUCH cheaper to order directly. only about 20 to 25 peices in the large.

                1. re: acd123

                  I would have thought so too BUT I called them - at What a Bagel, it's $14 for 2 dozen ($7/dozen) while they charge $63 for 7 dozen ($9/dozen) plus a delivery fee. Now for the ones, they're already set out on a nice party tray as opposed to a box but that's easy enough for me to do. Apparently, they're delivered fresh every morning to What a Bagel - I'm going to go there and make sure they order enough to cover me. Thanks for your help everyone - I'll let you know how they turn out.

            2. re: robb

              I agree about Pickle Barrel's sandwiches; pretty bad. My favourites are from Centre St. Deli. Lesley's pale in comparison. In my opinion, it's worth the drive to Thornhill. And make sure you serve chocolate milk (Harmony Organic is the best) to go along with them. There's just something about party sandwiches and chocolate milk.... And gherkins. Not the real French cornichons, but the sickeningly sweet gherkins, which I would never eat other than with party sandwiches. (It's probably because party sandwiches in Montreal, the best anywhere and where I grew up, always had sweet gherkins in the centre of the pinwheels.)

              Party sandwiches, gherkins, chocolate milk.... Mmmmm.

              1. re: Tatai

                Gherkins and chocolate milk...interesting. Pregnant?

                I called Centre Street - their prices are good - $22 for 3-1/2 dozen - only problem is I have no time to drive up to Thornhill to get them. They were very nice on the phone and offered to put them in a cab for me but it would probably cost me about $35 or so. I'll decide tomorrow.

                The truth is that most of these sandwiches will be eaten by an "under 3" crowd - and while I'm all for cultivating little chowpups, I probably shouldn't be quite this obsessed with traipsing all over town for "the best" sandwiches. Though I do love me a fine party sandwich...:)

                1. re: peppermint pate

                  Do the drive!! While there get a lb of old fashioned smoked meat (hot) and a container of chicken salad. The best chicken salad ever!!

                2. re: Tatai

                  I have to 2nd the vote for the Centre Street Deli, my go to place if I am asked to supply them, and they never disappoint.

                  and give a send vote to party sandwiches, gherkins and chocolate milk tho... that is strange to me....

            3. probably a bit late...but i have had sandwiches ordered from sage cafe on mccaul st. and they were really great!

              i think the pricing is similar to lesley's but i can't quite recall.

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              1. re: cheeser

                I always pass that place on the way to the AGO - often wondered about it. Thanks for the link.

                1. re: cheeser

                  Sage sandwiches are the best. I'm sorry, but when it comes to everyday sandwiches, making them are "no brainers". Time to call for your bffs to help you out and make them. But if you want something a little inventive, then you have to try a place like Sage.Having said that I realize that you are/were in a bind, so you may have to go with the overpriced everyday sandwiches...good luck with whatever you do.

                2. Daiters always has party sandwiches. They are at 3535 Bathurst St. south of Wilson. You can call them and they will put them away for you at 416-781-6101

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                  1. re: jaimydan

                    The ones at Daiter's are NO GOOD. They also use miracle whip. Taste is too sweet. Lesley's are MUCH better.

                    1. re: acd123

                      I'm actually one of those who likes Miracle Whip. Not everyone hates the stuff. Probably why I don't care for Lesley's and consider Aisha's to be better. And Centre St. must use Miracle Whip, too, because I like those the best.

                      1. re: Tatai

                        Yes, that's probably it. I personally don't like sweet tuna, salmon or egg salad. I don't like the flavour.

                        1. re: acd123

                          How anyone can stand Lesley's BLAND and over-priced sandwiches I can't understand. The tuna is mushed within an inch of its life and has a gummy taste devoid of the crunch of celery and the tang of onion and spices a good TFS needs; the egg is beyond bland - uber-mush, no taste of onion or english mustard or or or....; the salmon the same. They are cut beautifully and that is the best I can say. They are widely available in supermarkets. They might please an old aunt (not too beloved) who has lost her taste buds or never had any. Come on folks - Lesley's really is the low end of the usually more discerning recommendations on this Board.

                          1. re: Bigtigger

                            They sure could benefit from the flavourful tang of Miracle Whip! ;-)

                            I agree about the overprocessing of the tuna; akin to cat food, actually.

                      2. re: acd123

                        I like them and they ranked in the top 100 of toronto eats in the toronto life magazine.

                    2. Okay, okay, I went with Centre Street Deli . I'm a bit concerned with a few of the recent Miracle Whip comments as I'm not a fan of "sweet" egg and tuna either - but heck, they're delivering it to my door (along with some smoked meat AND chicken salad - thanks robb!) so we'll see.

                      And l_izzie, I agree that making party sandwiches isn't rocket science but for me, it's all about the choices I make for the time I have (always in short supply). Anyway, I was really psyched to bake all the cupcakes (which turned out quite yummy, if I do say so myself) and prepping dinner for a group rather than cranking out 7 dozen party sandwiches.

                      It's funny - when I was a kid in school, my mom used to make me pinwheell party sandwiches for lunch all the time (a mixture of egg, cream cheese and tuna rolled up in one). I hated them - I just wanted normal "Wonder Bread" tuna or egg salad sandwiches like the other kids had. The other kids, of course, were completely smitten with my party sandwiches and so we used to trade lunches all the time. Sorry mom!

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                      1. re: peppermint pate

                        I use to come home from school at lunch and get Salad Nicoise-I just wanted KD or grilled cheese like the other kids.

                        1. re: robb

                          I'm partial to the dairy and vegetarian party sandwiches offered by Sonny Langer's, which operates out of a storefront at 180 Steeles Ave. W., the very same plaza (just west of Yonge St.) that houses Steeles Deli and assorted other ethnic restos and small businesses. Sonny's an old pro who's been in the resto and catering game for decades, and he's usually first choice among my friends and associates to cater for shivas, also known as wakes (where, alas, I often nowadays get to scarf up his sammies), home and office lunches and other mainly small gatherings. I know him slightly - though I haven't seen him in years and years - from time together decades ago at summer camp, when I was a counsellor and Sonny worked in the camp kitchen. But that doesn't affect my opinion of his offerings. Damn good sandwiches, quality ingredients, attractive presentation. I don't know about his prices - I assume he's competitive - but his sandwiches tend to make even a shiva a sort of joyful experience. To be sure, everyone turns out for the shiva, even if only vaguely connected to the deceased, because they know they're going to get to eat Sonny's sandwiches.

                          1. re: juno

                            Don't forget Brises also-the only good thing about a 7:00 am Bris is the Sonny Langer breakfast. Didn't know he made party sandwiches though.

                            1. re: juno

                              Juno, everything Sonny Langer provides is on the expensive side. But always beautifully displayed and tasty. He never disappoints.

                              1. re: shemishka

                                So how did it go with Centre Street?

                                1. re: robb

                                  Sorry, been off the board for a few days. Okay, so the Centre Street party sandwiches were good. I mean, I wouldn't say mind-blowingly amazing but nice thick slices of fresh soft bread and tasty fillings. They were definitely a crowd pleaser, barely any leftovers. I'm not sure if it's because the seed was planted in my brain from this thread but I did find the fillings a bit on the sweet-ish side - it would be interesting to compare to another place. Perhaps a party sandwich taste-off is in the works!!

                                  I liked the chicken salad - fresh chunks of chicken, not too mayonnaisey-, I added a bit of salt and pepper to kick up the flavour but very good. And I have to say that the staff at Centre Street were a pleasure to deal with - they took my order the day before, arranged to send it by cab, it arrived cool and fresh (even though it was a hot day) - easy, no fuss for those of us without the time to hike it up to Thornhill.

                                  Sonny Langer does always turn out great food for happy and sad occasions alike but I'm also not sure that I've had his party sandwiches. Lox, tuna and egg platters with bagels for sure!

                                  Anyway, thanks all. And robb, your salade nicoise story made me laugh. I don't think I would have swapped my party sandwich lunches with you.