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May 20, 2009 11:26 AM

Need a Lunch recommendation

So my husband and I are going to NOLA this weekend for his brother's birthday party. Most meals are scheduled (Commander's Palace, Napoleon House, Cafe du Monde), but we need a recommendation for lunch on Saturday. Our flight gets in around 11, so we need somewhere where we don't need a reservation (in case of flight screw ups) and that is walking distance from Hotel Monteleone. Can anyone help? I'd also love to know why you recommend the place and a hint at price.

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  1. I'd catch the Canal Street Streetcar and head to Mandina's.
    Prices are reasonable, it's a neighborhood joint, but it has been around for quite some time.
    It holds a place in my heart since I have been going there since I was 5, and it is the first place I hit when I visit.

    Here is a link for the website

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      Plus one for Mandina's. I have eaten there for years as well....and I love the atmosphere and the food.

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        double check if they are cash only or if they take credit cards. when they reopened post-K, I remember they were cash only.

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          Mandina's IS cash only - there's also an ATM.

      2. bayona is just a hop, skip and a jump from the monteleone. they have a saturday lunch special where you pick three from an impressive selection of small plates for $25.

        1. I'd just go to Johnny's PoBoys in the Quarter. No reservations (it's more like a coffee shop) and excellent PoBoys. It closes at 4 pm, though.

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            K-Paul's has a casual self serve lunch offering a small menu of gumbo, soups, poboys, plate lunches. Mr. B's strictly for gumbo ya ya and bbq shrimp. Galatoire's is only a few blocks away. Johnny's is a good choice for po boys. Central Grocery for a muff.

          2. Go to Bayona and sit in the courtyard. Its beautiful and lush. Great food and cocktails. Whatever you do, do not go to K-Pauls or Bacco. Awful.