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May 20, 2009 10:27 AM

All-you-can-eat lunch spots (Loop)

Couple of guys at work were discussing doing a Friday all-you-can-eat lunch routine. Looking for spots in the Loop area where it's an option.

So far we have come up with the following:

Brazilian steakhouses (Fogo, Brazzaz)
Flattop Grill
India House
India Curry House
Ruby of Siam

Any other ideas come to mind?

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  1. Not open yet but Flat Top Grill in the old Carson Pierre Scotts building (Wabash side). set to open 7/30/09

    1. The restaurant on the 2d Floor of the Rennaissance Hotel has an all you can eat buffet - salads and desserts for $18, or include hot entrees for $22.