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May 20, 2009 09:38 AM

Fine Dining Solo

I'll be in DC next Friday and am looking for a nice place that has bar dining, as I will be traveling solo. I will be downtown/C.Hill, and was looking at $100-150. Maybe a multi-course tasting menu. I wanted to hit Minibar, but it was full long ago. Never been to DC. Also a good place for lunch while checking out the Smithsonian.

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  1. I dine solo all the time and some of my favorite spots are Central, PS7, Palena and Bistro Bis. All have amazing food and great bars to dine at.

    I also hear Tosca and Vidalia are good places to dine solo, but I personally haven't been.

    1. One place I LOVE to sit at the bar is Cityzen. You get a pre-fixe, three course tasting for $50 ($75 with wine). The food is unique and well done, the atmosphere is really cool, and the service is fantastic.

      1. I would add Corduroy to the mix; the bar is upstairs and you can get the full menu.

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          Good call...I forgot about Corduroy. The scallops there are out of this world! Best I've ever had.

        2. Many of the popular places in Penn Quarter are quite friendly to the solo diner, especially at the bar: Acadiana, Rasika, 701, Oyamel, Jaleo, Zaytinya...if I were you I'd focus on the restaurant itself, not necessarily whether or not you will be alone. I really have trouble thinking of a place where solo dining would be unusual or uncomfortable.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I shall post after I get back on where I ended up going.

          2. When we visited recently, we saw 3 or 4 solos at tables at the Blue Duck Tavern.