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Kid Friendly Breakfast Place in Bronx/Riverdale, Upper Manhattan, nearby Westchester

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I am searching for a kid friendly (young 2 and 5) place for breakfast in Riverdale or nearby Westchester or Manhattan. I will post on other appropriate boards but am especially interested in upper Manhattan, Bronx/Riverdale, or nearby Westchester.

Thanks, V

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  1. Do you mean a diner or brunchy kind of place?

    1. city limits in white plains is good.

      1. The Riverdale Diner is your basic giant menu diner - not exceptional, but it will do the trick. Lots of breakfast/brunch options, and kids are no problem. It's on 238th, just west of Broadway.


        City Limits in White Plains is better, IMO, but it's not exactly near Riverdale (about a 20 minute drive).