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May 20, 2009 09:21 AM

ISO: Sunny Patio for Dinner

a good friend and I are parting ways for the summer and we'll be looking to have a nice dinner with some sun shining over us while we have a bite to eat. Location really isn't that much of a concern, but it would be helpful to be near subway/University loop as we will be going out for a night of dancing later on. No holds barred in terms of food type, save for sushi (saltwater fish allergy) and the price can be flexible (but not outrageous please...). Atmosphere can be busy or quite, no real preference.

Bonus points for either a decent Beer selection, or some delicious specialty cocktails.

Thanks for any help provided.

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  1. How about the rooftop at the Fifth?

    1. Pogue Mahone's at College Park, or Volo (although the food's not great there but amazing beer selection).

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      1. re: canadianbeaver

        Pgue Mahone's and Volo are not very sunny....

        1. re: robgm

          Pogue's has seats where you can't even get any shade.

          1. re: canadianbeaver

            Not in the dinner hour, it doesn't. The sun sets rapidly on that patio especially when you take the College St. windtunnel into effect. And it's not exactly somewhere I'd go for either "a nice dinner" or a good beer list.

      2. Boulevard Cafe and Sidecar both have great patios. The first is on a leafy side street in the Annex. Very casual, Peruvian cuisine, yummy sangria. The second is a back patio on College St. Not sure how much sun the Sidecar patio gets in the evening, it's south facing but the walls on either side are quite high. Excellent cocktails though! And given that it's Wednesday, there is a great $24 prix fixe that is one of the better deals in the city.

        Oh, I'll also throw in the rooftop patio at Globe Bistro (on the Danforth). It's beautiful, sunny and they have some really nice cocktails as well.

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        1. re: TorontoJo

          Love the Boulevard Cafe patio - had dins there this week in fact. BUT from 7:00 on, you're not looking at that much sun - it goes down behind the houses and leafy trees. Still a great spot and a great meal but OP specified sun so I thought I'd mention this. You might need to go higher up to get the sun a bit later - for that, I'd definitely second the rec for Globe. Haven't been to Ultra or The Drake of late but those might work too.

          If you're willing to give a little on the late day sun, I'd also throw in Harbord Room and Grace.

          1. re: peppermint pate

            Doh, thanks for the heads up on the sun situation at BC. Haven't been there yet this spring, so couldn't recall!

        2. I am always surprised that no on this board ever mentions Sotto Voce located on the south east corner of College and Clinton .

          The have a great summer patio, reasonable food (cheap prices) and a fair selection of wine by the glass.


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          1. re: tasoid

            Looks like Mildred Pierce has a patio now on the West side of the building. It was pretty sunny when I walked past it after work.