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May 20, 2009 09:02 AM

Finger Lakes Region?

Hi I will be visiting NY in July, and will b spending some time in the Finger Lakes Region, I don't seem to find a board that includes this area, but this one seems like the closest thing to it. I hope you don't mind my posting here, but as a first tiem visitor I can really use some suggestions on where to eat. Also, which wineries would you recommend visiting? Are there any dairy/cheese makers worth visiting?
I've also read about the Ithaca Farmer's Market. Is it a good place to visit? Which booths do you recommend?
I appreciate in advance any advice. Thank you!

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  1. Welcome to the tristate board and chowhound. Although geographically distinct, this is the board for the Finger Lakes. Best thing to do would be to start out by doing a search of the board by towns and lakes you plan to be near - there are quite a few threads on wine and food for the entire area - and then you can follow that with posts containing more specific questions.

    Hope this helps.

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      1. The Ithaca Farmer's Market is definitely worthwhile, especially if it is a nice day. It's on the south end of the lake, so you can sit by the water and eat your food. For food, I recommend Macro Mama's (especially the desserts and the corn fritters), the brick oven flatbread place (forget the name, but it's the only place with a wood-fired oven cooking flatbread-style pizza), or the burrito guy, but really most of it is good and fairly cheap, so try whatever strikes your fancy. There are a few wineries that sometimes come to the farmer's market as well, although I think mostly not the more interesting ones (which tend to be farther from Ithaca). Depending on when in July you are there, you might catch the tail end of strawberry season; raspberries and cherries should also be in season, so get some fruit for dessert.

        If you are going to spend any time in Ithaca, there are several worthwhile restaurants there. Some of my favorites are Just a Taste (small plates/tapas, flights of wine), Willow (new American), and Watercress (similar to Willow, emphasizes local food in season) -- search the board for Ithaca restaurants for more ideas. The Ithaca Bakery is great for lunch.

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          I'm really interested in getting in touch with the wood fired pizza people who cook at the farmer's market. If you know how to get in touch with them (the name of their business, phone number or email address), I'd really appreciate if you could email me at Thanks!

        2. I'd second what others have said as far as resources in the Finger Lakes Region.

          That said: you probably will want to narrow down your geographical reach. The Finger Lakes themselves cover a huge swath of land - and it's almost impossible to visit all of them in one short trip!

          If Ithaca will be your home base, I'd recommend working your way up the west side of Cayuga lake. There are lots of very good wineries there (like Lucas, Cobblestone Farm and Knapp). If you can get over to the east side of Seneca there are very good ones there too, including a few spectacular spots (like Bloomer Creek, Atwater and Shalestone).

          The umbrella group for all the local wine trails is Finger Lakes Wine Country. I'd start off there.

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            Thanks all for the reply! Right now I haven't narrowed down the detail of the trip, but usually when I plan, the meals will be an important part of the trip. No just stopping by and grabbing a bite at any fast food joint for me. I look forward to tasting some local cheese and wine. Looks like there are lots of vineyards and a few cheese farms too.

            Thanks again all the tips give me a good starting point to research.

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