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Good food close to Dodger Stadium

We are looking for a good place, in the vicinity of Dodger Stadium, to celebrate a special birthday. We may be somewhat casual because we are going directly from dinner to the game. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We love good food and wine.

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  1. Canele in Atwater Village is only a few miles from Dodger Stadium and sounds like
    it would fit the bill!

    1. Masa of Echo Park, 1800 West Sunset Blvd (i'll be at the game as well!)

      1. The Park, on Sunset in Echo Park is a good bet. The food is well-prepared, service is good, and it's very close to the stadium.

        1. Our favorite meeting spot before the game is Good Microbrew... the food is solid, not fancy and they have a really great selection of beers on bottle (Which I've liked better than their own stuff)



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            Yang Chow in Chinatown is real close and has great food

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              Yang Chow is great -- good service, used to getting big parties to the game, they take reservations, and they have validated parking in their lot and across the street.

              If you are in a hurry or need food to bring to the game, another very casual option is the Carnitas Michaocan on the corner of No. Broadway at 19th -- good carne asada burritos, even better al pastor from a rotisserie spit, and the best hot sauce in all of SoCal.

          2. They have a restaurant called Home about 2 miles from Dodger Stadium. It is right of the 5 freeway off of Fletcher.

            The food is pretty good and the patio area is really nice. I am not sure if the website shows this location, it opened last season I believe.


            1. No wine at the Park, not even BYOB, so that's probably not an option, which is too bad. Because Home and Good are terrible, definitely not places to celebrate anything. Canele, Barbrix, Allston Yacht Club would work. I'd go with Barbrix.

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                Good is bad and Home is Hell. Never been for dinner but what about Local? Or Alegria?

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                  Local is very casual counter service, although tasty food and friendly staff. Alegria food is really good, but just a hair beyond counter service, MIGHT still be byob but call first.

              2. Two possibilities... ...

                First is the Edendale. The food is good and the bar is great fun ... ... here's a link...

                Second is an old standby ... Barragans mexican restaurant on Sunset at Echo Park Blvd. Literally five minutes from the stadium.

                Just a matter of budget.

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                      on THAT tip, the lady who makes the amazing pupusas on the corner of Echo Park and Sunset, northwest corner.

                  1. Living 2 blocks from the stadium and eating at these restaurants with some frequency, my choices for food and ambience would be in order of preference: barbrix, canele, park. In order of proximity: park, canele, barbrix.

                    1. el compadre is right by dodger stadium. nothing like a flaming margarita before the game.

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                        and while not the best Mexican food in LA, it is one of my favorite atmospheres in town.

                      2. Ya'll are applying a very high threshold to "close." I would suggest that everything Downtown is pretty close to Dodger stadium...which then, if you accept my premise, puts a whole boatload of options in the mix. Cole's comes to mind. Rivera. Church and State. Bottega Louis. I could go on.