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May 20, 2009 08:19 AM

Food lover going to Vegas w/non food lover. Need recs

Okay, this is kind of a strange request. I'm getting ready to go to Vegas w/BFF to celebrate our 40th birthdays. I love food--any and all types--and am anxious to try some of Vegas' fine offerings. However, my friend is the pickiest person in the world. She lives on pizza, french fries, coffee, and Natural Light beer. :-) Any recommendations for a place that I will like and she won't hate?

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  1. Do you have $ amt in mind...are you willing to travel or stay on strip? Also, where are you staying?

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      As far as $ amounts, I'd like a variety. I'm hoping to do at least one high end meal, then some mid-range places. Good and cheap are always good. I think I'd prefer to stay on strip. We're staying at the Venetian.

    2. You can go online and check out almost all the menus of the "major" players. I suggest you look at Enteco San Marco or the other two Batali places at the Venetian. But get her "buy in" b4 you go by having reviewed the menu. Then you can have a "no whine zone" during the meal if you have a prior agreement.

      And for fun @ 3 am take her to California Pizza Kitchen inside the Mirage Casino for her pizza fix.