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May 20, 2009 07:40 AM

Best butcher in Baltimore?

We're going to grill steaks this weekend, and I'm looking for others' opinions on where the best steak is available. A good price wouldn't hurt either.
So, where is the best beef for your buck? Like to stay in Baltimore if possible. Gas isn't getting any cheaper.

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  1. In addition to the usual suspects (Victor's at Eddie's on Roland Avenue, Ceriello at Belvedere Square), you might consider a trip to Lexington Market, where you can get most any cut and the prices are way cheap.

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    1. re: lawhound

      Trader Joe's rib eye isa full of flavor at a good price. The rib eye (my favorite cut of steak) from South Mountain Creamery at the Waverly Farmers Market on Saturdays is excellent. I found Ciriello's aged steaks not worth their high price, and Wegman's aged was kind of blah too.

    2. JW Treuth and Son's in Catonsville is the best butcher in the area!!

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      1. re: katejensen90

        I second the menion of Treuth's. Great Steaks

        1. re: markf5018

          JW Treuth's would definitely be able to take care of you. Also, a lot of the markets around the city would be able to cut you nice steaks.

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        1. Wegmans Prime is excellent they will cut anything for you

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            ^ This. I had a chance to sample some kobe from Wegmans and it was without a doubt the real deal. The fat melted on touch pretty much, it was soft and delicious in the mouth almost like a spread. Fifty dollars a pound yes but, the real deal.

            1. re: Turkeybone

              If you only paid $50 a pound then you were eating American kobe, Australian, or anything but real Japanese kobe.....

          2. JW Treuth gets my top vote and Graul's market in Mays Chapel my 2nd. Treuth is a pleasure to deal with, but you pay alittle more for the quality and service. Graul's often has incredible deals ona whole tenderloin that they will butcher anyway you like.