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May 20, 2009 07:30 AM

What spice/marinade can't you get enough of?

My dh loves garlic salt and puts it on everything!!! We go through tons of it. I love Montreal Steak Seasoning. I put it on all kinds of meat. I also love the Mojo Criollo marinade by Goya. WHat do you use a ton of.

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  1. Fennel seed. I buy it a cup or so at a time at a natural foods grocery. Sometimes I just go to the pantry and smell it. I've put it in many, many things including scrambled eggs. Just can't get enough of fennel seed :) Red pepper flakes also.

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      c oliver, i told you about putting the fresh ground fennel seed in spaghetti sauce, right? i whiz up some in the grinder, and usually will add a tablespoon of the ground product. yum.

      ps, we get a good value on fennel seed from the local indian grocery. i repackage into a glass jar.

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        Maybe that was in the fennel thread a while back. My spaghetti sauce usually has my own sausage in which is redolent (!!!) with fennel. And buying it that way (any spices) is dirt cheap compared to those expensive jars with lids and labels. I also make a recipe of Will Owen's (I going to be banished if I keep raving about that) for pork shoulder with 10 cloves of garlic, 1/2 cup of fennel seed and crushed red chilis.

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          I love fennel seed, garlic and sage on pork shoulder. Replacing sage with chiles sounds great, I'll try that next time.
          Recently I made a crustless quiche to use up what was around. Tomatoes needed using so I roasted them in the oven with herbs. Used a good bit of parm and mozzarella cheeses, the roasted tomatoes, oregano, and fennel seed. It smelled like pizza in here and tasted very good. Besides the inactive oven time, this is about as quick and easy as a supper gets.
          Just in case you needed another use for fennel... :)

          I'm not sure I could really choose a spice or marinade, but I sure do love using lemons.

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            Here's Will Owen's recipe:


            I also make a crustless quiche and need no tempting to add fennel seed to something else :)

    2. i love everglades seasoning on pork, chicken and beef. get the original formula -- it's been around a long time. http://www.evergladesseasoning.com/

      1. If it's a paste involving some combination of lime/lemongrass/cilantro +, I will happily rub it on an old shoe and proclaim it delicious. It's an addiction.


        1. lilmomma, I just made burgers for lunch today and used nothing at all except salt-free Montreal Steak Seasoning. They were great! Many times I use only s&p but tried this today for some reason. Very tasty!
          What else do you do with it?

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            I first tried it on burgers too!! We put it on steaks of course! I put it on chicken breast for the grill. I am going to put it on fish this summer and just try it out!

            Cay, What is the recipe for your lime/cilantro/ lemongrass paste?

          2. Not a spice, but used like one, I ground dried porcinis in the blender and dust that on all sorts of things...and put in eggs. I also LOVE Jamaican Jerk Paste like Boston or Walkerswood. My mouth waters like Pavlov's dogs at the thought of it!