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May 20, 2009 07:21 AM

WOW Rotisserie Chicken

A new place is opening 2 doors down from Reggie's and Craft Burger on King and Portland.
I overheard they're suppose to be opening tomorrow...

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  1. I walked by today and they were open but I didn't go in. I did pick up the menu flyer they had outside though and it's an interesting mix. In addition to the chicken, they have all-day breakfast options, meal salads (e.g. steak on salad), a few asian options and so on. That sets off alarm bell, since I often find that too much variety means nothing is done well. But I'm keeping an open mind, especially since they deliver. :)

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      Ate there first day. Average chicken but atleast not over-cooked. Nothing special at all and over-priced considering I could make this baked chicken at home. I hope they boost the flame in that rotisserie and give us something crispy skinned! Big yawn!

    2. I went in with my co-workers on Thursday. I didn't order, they did - and they weren't impressed. It seems, in speaking to the man who appeared to be the owner that day, that at least one owner of ChopChop that was there before has stayed on and the rest are new. They gave us fruit kebabs with the orders - even gave me one even though I didn't order anything.

      A caveat - they didn't have all of their stuff in - it was more a of a soft launch. I believe the official launch is next week. We'll give it another go then before the final verdict.

      1. A group of us have gone in a couple of times since it opened and we really enjoyed the food - the chicken was good and it was nice to have an alternative to sushi and pre-packaged burgers. The menu has a good variety of items and we are planning on trying the breakfast over the weekend. I'd say it was an excellent place for lunch.

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          I work and live in the area and find it's good to have achoice of places. I go to Craft Burger and Reggie's and will also go back to Wow for chicken.

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            Choices are great, it's too bad that WOW doesn't make a better product! It isn't on our list to return to!

          2. re: Toronto Diner

            I cannot imagine what you are so excited about with WOW. It is standard baked chicken at a high price. Check our Craft Burger next door as they do not sell pre-packaged burgers! WOW is like the Pizza Pizza of chicken.

          3. WOW that's bad chicken! We bought a whole chicken which was on special for $13.59 from the listed 18.95. I don't know who would buy a whole chicken for 18.95 at the best of times, but this chicken isn't good enough at any price. It was baked like the other poster pointed out, and soggy skinned. The white meat was dried out completely. I have no idea what kind of rotisserie they could be using. They put some kind of asian inspired bbq sauce on it which could have brought something unique to the chicken but the total combined flavours just didn't work at all. We threw the skin away to avoid the sauce.

            I wish I knew what they were thinking when they decided to get into the chicken business! It had nothing to do with having a great product. I assume they just thought the neighbourhood needed a chicken place. Bad reason!