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May 20, 2009 07:09 AM

Show me the Yummy in Denver!

Hi everyone!
My co-workers and I will be in Denver June 22-26 for a work trip. We are in our mid twenties and are MAJOR foodies! We will be staying at the Marriott City Center and would LOVE to receive some dinner recommendations. We are open to all types of food---but are on a budget. We would like to spend no more than $25 pp for dinner (tip included and we dont drink). Also, any advice on what we should do/see/visit would also be a plus! Please help us make this a yummy (and fun) trip!

Thanx in advance!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It might be difficult to eat at Rioja or Panzano on your budget but you can get creative or just do entrees. Panzano has a good happy hour with specials on apps and pizzas until 6pm. Mici (italian) gets pretty good reviews and My Brother's Bar has good burgers.

      You might try some places in the Highlands, which is just northwest of downtown. Root Down, Lola, Vita, Z Cuisine, Duo. Again if you order right you could probably stay under budget. A Cote, the bar attached to Z Cuisine, is generally lower priced and has a $12 menu deal going on Tuesday nights. And Denver is known for mexican food, which is generally affordable. Taqueria Patzcuaro and quite a few others in the Highlands are popular.

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        Lola for under $25 with tax and tip? Maybe at happy hour. Doesn't strike me as the best bargain on a tight budget. Also, you won't find much on what to do/see here because Chowhound's all about the food; check 5280 Magazine and the weekly Westword for local info and entertainment listings (Jason Sheehan's current and archived restaurant reviews for Westword are excellent and fun to read).

        My Favorite. Also nearby Boulder has hundreds of great restaurants. Lot's of cheap ethnic
        mom and pop places.

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        1. re: paul balbin

          What would the best, budget friendly, mexican restaurant for us to try???

          1. re: mymomisthebestcook

            Mexican is pretty cheap so that might be your best bet. Again Taqueria Patzcuaro is a favorite, and there are lots of others if you do a search for previous posts. Good luck!

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              Is Taqueria Patzcuaro a sit down and be waited on restaurant? Also, has anyone been to Wynkoop Brewing CO and 8 Rivers? Any reccs on good Asian food? (Thai/Chinese/Japanese)

              1. re: mymomisthebestcook

                I like Wynkoop, especially their chile beer. :) I always seem stuck on ordering their shepherd's pie so I can't speak to anything else on the menu but I do enjoy that pie.

                People I know rave about Domo for country style Japanese, I haven't been yet but will one of these days.

                  1. re: mymomisthebestcook

                    Wynkoop was Denver's first microbrewery/pub. It helped launch the development of LoDo and is noteworthy because it was established by John Hickenlooper, now mayor of Denver. Hearty pub food

                    Tatamgouche and I had lunch nearly 1 1/2 years ago at the original 8 Rivers location in Highland, before they moved downtown. See for pix, etc. The menu might have changed since then, and the the location certainlly has.

                    1. re: ClaireWalter

                      The Highlands location was not the original 8 Rivers. The chef first opened in Superior in the former Bleachers/Vita Bella spot, so he's now on his 3rd incarnation of the place. The jerk was good, but not the dry boxed rigatoni it was plopped on top of (which soaked up 0% of the juices). I wonder how he can afford to keep moving the restaurant.

                      1. re: rlm

                        Interesting, RLM. I wasn't aware of the first location. Was it also called 8 Rivers then, or did the owner change the name the first time he moved the restaurant?

                        1. re: ClaireWalter

                          It was called 8 Rivers then. They had a Bob Marley mural painted inside and were attempting to host live bands in Rock Creek. That location turned into the short-lived Pho Saigon and is now the marginally acceptable Colorado Wok II.

                    2. re: mymomisthebestcook

                      Taqueria Patzcuaro is sit down and is most of the time yummy, but I have been there on a couple off nights, but even then it was good. And I second the recommendation of Domo, the atmosphere alone is worth the trip.

              2. I'm also in my mid twenties and we love to find new places with good deals! One of our favorite places on Tuesday nights is Lime (several location in town, closest to you is on Larmier between 14th and 15th)- $1 tacos, skip the chicken, the shredded beef are the BEST! I don't know if you have a car but we also love Cherry Cricket in Cherry Creek (burgers and chicken sandwhiches)...sometimes the wait is long but well worth it! Two Fisted Marios is a great pizza place located on Market between 16th and 17th. A good place that's gotten hype lately is called Snooze (only open until 2pm) and is located on Larimer and Park West by Coors Field. It's good- not the best Denver breakfast but always a good option!

                Also, for Mexican food- we're a fan of crocs...I grew up on the border so it's not true mexican food but it's better than other places denver has to offer. Crocs is by Two fisted Marios on Market.

                Enjoy your trip!

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                1. re: JenAxoP

                  "we're a fan of crocs...I grew up on the border so it's not true mexican food but it's better than other places denver has to offer."

                  Hm. There are many very good Mex places in Denver. Which "other places" are you comparing Crocs to that Crocs comes out on top?

                  1. re: JenAxoP

                    <<"we're a fan of crocs...I grew up on the border so it's not true mexican food but it's better than other places denver has to offer.">>

                    You must be joking.