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May 20, 2009 06:53 AM

Fishmonger in Upper Bucks?

I'm looking to make fish taco's this weekend and looking for a good fishmonger in Upper Bucks/Bux-Mont area. I guess I can hit a supermarket, but I was hoping for an honest to goodness fishmonger.

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  1. Heller's Seafood in Warrington fits your bill. Not sure if that is "Upper" enough in Bucks, but it is the best seafood in Bucks county. Other options of course are Wegmans down 611 also in Warrington.

    Seafood Unlimited in Quakertown would be another choice. Restaurant and Fish market combined. Good selection though it varies.

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      I agree; Heller's is the real thing. For tacos, you could probably do fine with supermarket fish, but if you want to experience "an honest to goodness fishmonger", I agree with cwdonald about Heller's. There's also Carrolls on 611 north in Plumsteadville, but they get their fish from Heller's.

    2. I don't know if it is too far for you, but the fish stall at the Dutch Farmer's Market in Newtown is pretty good.