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May 20, 2009 06:32 AM

electric knives

I'm now making bread with some regularity. The only thing i don't enjoy is cutting the bread into slices. ( I freeze the slices) Can anyone reccomend a good electric knife? Or are they not worth the money. Thanks

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  1. How come you freeze it? Can't you just make less bread?

    1. For bread they might be OK. Overall I find them pretty useless. They can be beneficial on something like a turkey for instance but I find that the edges of the meat get pretty ragged and mangled even on a brand new knife. But like I said, for something as straightforward as bread slicing, it might work just fine.

      I wouldn't go for anything super-expensive or fancy. Walmart or Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond are where I would go look.

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        I like my dumb little electric knife!! I use it for steaks, brisket and especially homemade bread. (note to soop- you freeze bread because it's not worth the time and trouble to bake just one loaf, and because many recipes yield multiple loaves. I f you wrap it properly, bread freezes well.) Once you get the hang of using it, you'll be able to get nice, uniform thin or thick slices of bread. adam

        1. re: adamshoe

          Oh, ok. I tend to bake a small loaf and eat it that day. But I don't bake all the time, and I buy bread in.