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May 20, 2009 06:25 AM

Between NYU and Penn Station

We are headed to NYU for a day of college-looking this coming Friday. Will be arriving Penn Station in the morning - spending 11-3 busy on "campus" and then have to catch a 6:45 train at Penn Station to head home.
Hoping to find some place for an early dinner/late lunch before the trip home. We'll probably walk the trip back to Penn - and could just take our chances and pick some place that looks good and try it. (That's worked well in the past - in other parts of the city.) We're not very familiar with the area between NYU and Penn - so wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or if there is a "best route" for us to walk that will yield the most/best choices.
Not too picky what we eat (only restriction is son allergic to tree nuts). The timing is kind of between meals - so not sure what would be best - thanks for any thoughts on the matter.

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  1. There are plenty of good restaurants in the vicinity of the Penn Station-bound trains in the NYU area. Are their any cuisines/price points you would prefer?

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      Nothing particular - we're willing try just about anything. Price-wise - don't want to break the bank - good food is more important than price tho.

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        Centro, Bar Pitti or Trattoria Toscana will take you down the Bleecker Street area popular with Freshmen and is close to the A/C/E youll take to Penn. Otto and Knickerbocker are also popular, though I am not crazy about either.

        Grand Sichuan or Mercadito might be more adventurous choices, but they will place you closer to the 1 local train and the latter can get pricey on you and if you're about to pay NYU tuition, that's probably the last thing you want.

        Be forewarned that if you choose to just wander and stop in somewhere that looks nice, your choices around Penn Station are very restricted and the area around NYU is filled with a lot of places that excel in mediocrity.

    2. Otto
      Right next to washingston Square Park

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        Second Otto. Great pizza and pasta. Also is a cool place.

        1. re: dcole

          Third Otto. It's fun and you wouldn't have trouble getting a table late afternoon.

          1. re: stephaniec25

            Don't forget the olive oil gelato at Otto!!