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Mamma Maria

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Can anyone tell me what are can't miss dishes to order at Mamma Maria? Thanks.

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  1. I would highly recommend the osso bucco.

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    1. re: chowmensch

      I agree with the osso bucco. I can't recall many (any?) disappointing dishes at Mamma Maria, but the osso bucco is really special.

    2. Rabbit pappardelle, osso bucco.


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      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Second the rabbit pappardelle
        Deep, rich, and oh so compfy

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Third on the rabbit pappardelle. So damn good.

        2. I also suggest the osso bucco.
          Not a dish, but if you are a small party be sure to call in advance and ask for the small private (1 table) room overlooking the square. Dinner in that room makes the dining experience even more special.

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          1. re: Delhiwala

            I have also been in that room and boy it was wonderful.

          2. Wild mushroom ravioli.

            1. Great question. I, too, was wondering about the must orders at Mamma Maria. Any recommendations on fish dishes???