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May 20, 2009 05:52 AM

MSP- Taco Truck Sighting on Univesity, Reports?

As i was leaving the super target on university avenue in st paul yesterday i noticed a taco truck parked along the south side of university. with signage in both english and spanish ("Border Tacos" and "Frontiera Tacos" respectively) they were advertising that they are now open, take credit cards and specialize in fried flour tacos (not sure about the translation here). Didn't have time/room to stop for a taco but wanted to see if anyone on the boards had any intel to share.

only reference i could find is this tweet from may 8th : which is pretty light on substance. I am planning to get back soon to try it out, but in the meantime:

i thought i recalled someone, possibly AnneinMpls, saying that the dearth of street food in the twin cities was due to a ban on such institutions (this despite sightings of both a late night hot-dog vendor on grand and avon and a taco trailer on the east side). Does this mean there has been some sort of change in regulations, or should border tacos really be known as outlaw tacos?

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  1. I ate at that taco truck recently and it was pretty good. Nothing earth shattering but actual Mexican tacos and not the Taco Bell kind. And made to order (maybe that goes without saying). They had requisite licensing and permits plastered prominently all over the truck and window level. So they're legal and they want everyone to know it.

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      very interesting jean! when you say mexican tacos and not the tbell kind, should i take that to mean two small corn tortillas, meat, cilantro and onion served with salsa and lime? What were the meat choices, if you recall. Prices?

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        i had tacos from the Border Tacos truck a few weeks ago. they were solid, not amazing, but tasty. i forget the exact price - $2 dollars each? $2.50? i had a chicken one and an al pastor. two corn tortillas each, cradled in tin foil. both came with onions and cilantro, and (upon request) a tiny solo container of red and green salsa, and limes. there were also tamales on the menu, but i didn't have any. all in all, it was a great snack, and i was very excited to see a taco truck out and about in st. paul. (the truck was parked on university near the super target.)

    2. In Saint Paul, as long as the food vehicle is properly licensed and inspected, they're perfectly legal. There is, however, a state statute that says it can only be in one location for 21 days or less per calendar year. That was the issue with the one off of East 7th Street a few years ago. It was essentially a permanent restaurant, on wheels. That is not allowed per zoning codes as well as state law.

      In Minneapolis, they have restricted mobile food (carts, vehicles, etc.) to Nicollet Mall and sanctioned events, like the farmers' markets and community celebrations.

      1. Hey, I saw that truck a week ago, or so, but it wasn't open at the time. I almost forgot about it because I couldn't believe my eyes. A decent taco would certainly make my trips to Target more bearable. Thanks for the report!


        1. I tweeted about that taco truck too (and before May 8th!): (There's a pretty picture of the truck there, if you're curious what to look out for.


          Anyways, as others have said, nothing too special. The Al Pastor was the best of what they had. The chicken was pretty good, and the steak was unremarkable. The menu had other things listed, but they were out of all of them.

          The best part of it was their green salsa. I got 2 little containers, and would go back just to bring a jug of the stuff home. Beyond the salsa, you're better off going to one of the taquieras on Lake Street, IMHO.