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May 20, 2009 05:32 AM

unusual ice cream?

Any suggestions for a Boston area restaurant serving spicy, herby, salty or otherwise unusual ice creams?

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  1. The most unusual ice cream I ever had was a chocolate chili ice cream with berries and pistachios. That ice cream touched every taste sensation, hot, cold, sweet, salty, crunchy and creamy and it was delicious. It was a special for Hell Night at the East Coast Grill and I believe Christinas next door made the ice cream. So, I would head to Inman Square and see what Christinas has to offer.

    1. I've had basil ice cream at Ithaki in Ispwich, excellent.

      1. Second Christina's. they have the most interesting line up of flavors in the area.

        1. i seem to recall jp licks once having pad thai ice cream. i know they've had/have noodle kugel, which was novel to me anyway.

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            hmmmm I am getting flashbacks to a wasabi icecream that I once had at JP licks in Brookline. It didn't have the burn, but the color and flavor were right on! A very unique experience... not something i would load up in a waffle cone. :)

            1. re: NoAddedSweetener

              JP licks in JP had a nice chocolate + chili ice cream... It had a cheesy name like 'diablo' or something, but it was nicely balanced and had a tingly afterburn.

              1. re: Prav

                JP Licks did a Kugel ice cream one fall, PR stunt through and through. Or should I say threw and threw, as the ice cream had noodles and cream cheese thrown in.

          2. Yup - JPL in JP always has an intriguing odd flavor or two. Christina's has unusual flavors that tend toward spices and seasonal floral. Have had a champange sorbet at Christina's and I swear I could taste the tiny bubbles. Khulfi (cardamom) is always on the list.