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Best Restaurant outside Seattle and Portland

We know there are alot of good places in the 2 larger cities. So what are the best places in the Northwest to eat for a good meal in areas that you do not have to deal with crowds and traffic outside of Seattle and Portland?

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  1. When I went to visit my dad in the Seattle area, he took me to a wonderful place called Cafe Juanita. It's in Kirkland, and the food is fantastic, I had a wonderful wagyu strip. Also, the waiter we had, Jim, was phenomenal, and I am told he's still there.


    1. I'll throw New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro in Talent, OR into the ring, although you will have to deal with crowds coming up from Ashland for dinner. In terms of quality, it can compete with anything in Portland or Seattle. There are quite a few nice places in Ashland since it's basically a vacation spot, but nothing at the level of Sammy's.

      1. Saffron and Taqueria Yugapeti, Walla Walla.

        1. I have been to the ones in Walla Walla I wae just looking for a good road trip for the 3 day weekend. I will explore on my own I guess

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            if you are willing to spend $$$$, there's always Herbfarm in Woodinville WA (call for reservations)

          2. That's a "big" question, hickdolphin, so you'll have to take the kind of best-shot suggestions people toss out. I love the happy hour at Asado in Tacoma on 6th Ave. Great Argentinean steak house, and a bargain for HH. Then again, I hate I-5 around Tacoma during rush hour.

            1. Breakfast or lunch at Morning Glory in Ashland. Possibly the best breakfast on the West Coast.

              Morning Glory
              1149 Siskiyou Blvd, Ashland, OR 97520

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                Agreed, this is a great breakfast. Make sure to try the ricotta-stuffed french toast.

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                  It's rare that I ever feel misled after doing thorough research online at high-quality sites like Chowhound but Morning Glory was one of those exceptions. The buzz on this site made it seem like a must do; especially if you love breakfast as we do.

                  We arrived 15 minutes before open on a Saturday and there was noone in line. There were a few staff on the landing at back by the small parking lot smoking--kind of a sign of things to come.

                  Service was generally good. Friendly and efficient but we were also the first in the place. It was much busier 45 min later when we left.

                  We thought the food was generally mediocre and thus overprices. A "half size" french toast with side of Chicken apple sausage was $8 and $4 respectively. That wouldn't be so bad except the french toast slices were small and ordinary; the sausages huge and bland. We also ordered one of the more interesting dishes, the rock shrimp cakes with poached eggs and smoky roasted tomato. This was better but still not great. The cakes were a good idea but with much more filler than shrimp. The eggs were nicely poached. The smoky tomato tasted overly sweetened and probably not well matched to this dish. We did like that they served real maple syrup (a lower grade but guess can't complain with no extra charge?) with the side of pancakes but those were also ordinary, lacking any kind of crisping.

                  All in all, we thought Morning Glory was just okay at best. Not a good value. Oh well, even Chowhound isn't foolproof and, of course, opinions will vary.

                2. Do you mean outside of the whole metro areas? Some of these suggestions are in the suburbs where there is still traffic and crowds.

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                    Well some of the urban areas. But the main point was to find road trip areas, that a person could get in their rig and go for a nice sunday drive and stop for a nice meal. there are numerous threads on the major cities but not much for outlying areas that I know have good food

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                      Xinh's in Shelton is worth the drive. (I don't believe they are open Sundays.) Also, Marzano's in Parkland (reservations are a must).