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May 20, 2009 01:55 AM

Nuno Mendes new restaurant opening

Exciting news in the Metro (London) this morning about a new opening from Nuno Mendes (ex Bacchus in Hoxton).

Bacchus was such a great place, and has been sorely missed in East London so it's good to hear he is moving back in to the area. Although the actual restaurant doesnt open until 2010, he has an interesting venture going on in the meantime to test out his menus - sounds fantastic!

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  1. hopefully this will fulfill some of his undoubted promise, far more than the very hit n miss affair that was bacchus.

    1. What a coincidence - I just had a 12 course meal prepared by Nuno Mendes at the Tamarind restaurant in Kenya. It was a one off meal, but was absolutely amazing. There were only 2 dishes I found underwhelming - the poached prawns with pickled fennel, prawn juices and orange and the cauliflower with breakfast radishes, spiced milk and asparagus.
      My favourite dishes - the slow cooked snapper with fresh coconut, yuzu crab with coral crumbs and the canneloni of mango with fish tartare.
      Amazing value for money as well - 12 courses with matching wine pairing - 70 pounds

      1. I ate at The Loft a month or so ago and it was AWESOME. If you can get a spot, do it. Really a very unique experience. You basically have dinner in his flat.