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May 20, 2009 12:31 AM

seeking perogies in center city

will be staying near rittenhouse square for 2 weeks and am seeking eastern european food(perogies,stuffed cabbage ,etc)that is reasonably priced.Are there any restaurants that specialize in this downtown,or just delis? .I will not have a car,and am limited to public transportation.Thank you for your help in advance.

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  1. There is Warsaw Cafe on 16th and Locust. It is right near where you are staying...

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      The Warsaw Cafe is on 16th Street just below Spruce on the west side of the street.

      Philadelphia is laid out on a grid: The north/south streets are numbered consecutively as you go west; the east/west streets are named for trees (William Penn's "Greene Countrie Towne).

      Have a great visit!

    2. if you are feeling adventurous you might want to head to fishtown. it is accessible by p trans but it isn't 'close'. if you do go, i would recommend jovan's place:

      you would take the el heading towards frankford (away from 69th street) and make sure you take an A train or one that is making all stops. get off at berks and it is about a 7 minute walk from there. that stop is a wee bit desolate, so if you don't mind a bit of a walk, get off one stop early at girard (will add maybe 5-7 minutes to the walk). you won't be sorry if you go.....

      but, warsaw cafe is definitely good if you don't mind the price and are looking for a quick fix. :)

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        Not far from the area where Jovan's is, is the Port Richmond section of the city, which is where there is a relatively large polish and eastern european community. There you will find good polish food at places like Syrenka's cafeteria.Syrenka's on 3173 Richmond in Port Richmond.Across from Syrenka's is Krakus Market which includes a cheap but good luncheonette. Also the New Wave Cafe about four blocks down Allegeny from Syrenka's has perogies, as well as a wonderful selection of Polish beer.

        A great take out place for perogies is Perogie kitchen in Roxborough.
        648 Roxborough Ave- At Henry Ave
        Philadelphia, PA 19128
        215 483-5301

        Each of the above is accessible via public transportation.

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          all good recs, but beware of krakus market's goofy schedule....

      2. OK, so it's totally a pub food place, but O'Neals, off South Street, has some ridiculously good perogies. Not a deli, but probably not the type of restaurant that you're looking for.

        1. .50 cent perogies at Tattooed Mom's on Wednesday (deep-fried only, though) :-D