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May 19, 2009 11:37 PM

new wine bars in santa monica or west los angeles?

any new wine bars or newish wine bars that you quite like? I drove by one on Broadway in Santa Monica a few days ago that I'd not heard of before and I am curious if it is worth exploring?

thank you


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  1. Do you mean Bodega Wine Bar on Broadway near Lincoln? That's not very new, but it is worth exploring.

    It can get a little crowded on some nights, though. There is also a Bodega in Pasadena.

    Check out their web site, though it doesn't list what wine they serve. Maybe someone else can tell you more. I usually ask the bartender for suggestions if I'm there. They also serve beer, sake and soju cocktails.

    1. Pourtal just opened up in that area, next to Robata Bar on Santa Monica between 2nd and Ocean. Have not been, but it has the enomatic wine dispensers that can be fun to try. Another new-ish wine bar is Salute on Main in Santa Monica. They also have the enomatic wine dispensers and I've really enjoyed it the couple of times I've been. I've only had charcuterie and cheese, which was very good.