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May 19, 2009 10:02 PM

Shaker Mill Tavern

I just read their interview in Berkshire business and they've been up and running since before mother's day.
Has anyone tried it, or know someone who has?
(not holding out much hope since I never thought too highly of the chef's fare at Astors)
Just wondering - inquiring minds and all :)

Also heard of a new tapas place opening in West Stockbridge if anyone knows the scoop on this joint!

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  1. Cowgirl,
    Where exactly is Shaker Mill Tavern located?

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    1. Ate there this past Sunday night. Was very glad to see it open again after all these years. I had stopped in many times in the '80s and early '90s for a burger and a beer.

      My table gave mixed reviews, but I say give it a try. My martini was excellent, my salad large and fresh. My pesto penne was very good, though it could have used more basil. The only complaint at my table was from a friend who ordered his burger rare and got it close to well. I stole most of his fries and cole slaw though, both very good.

      Beers were fresh from the tap. Service was attentive and the setting very nice (we ate outside). The new owner was on hand ensuring that all were enjoying themselves.

      Mostly it was nice to be back in the space. I had always left with a smile. I'll go back again.

      1. First trip was a quick stop, so there'll be a longer review later but I can report that the wings and beer selection is excellent. Had a (few) Sixpoint Cream Ale - nothing at all like the Genesee Green Death of my youth. Hot Wings were very crisp and perfectly cooked - although the house made hot sauce wasn't hot in the least, but flavorful enough. Wings came covered in crumbled blue cheese. But the find were the Tuscan wings - rosemary, garlic, salt with a lemon aioli dipping sauce. Again, perfectly cooked and crisp and flavorful as all get out.

        Place was packed, it was a Tuesday night, which gives me hope that this incarnation will survive at least the summer.

        1. I'm curious about the tapas place you mentioned in W. S (other than Rouge, that is.) Anyone know?

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            I don't know much - it's on Main St, called Olio, and that's all so far.

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              Hmm, interesting. Hope some Chowhound provides a report!

          2. A second hand report, but seemed worth repeating--One of my co-workers and his wife went to dinner there this past week and said their experience was just awful. She's worked as a server, and he has a great palate, so I trust their eval.
            Said the interior was very lovely in terms of design, decor, color. It looks good. They arrived to an almost empty dining room but were put at a terrible table (which turned out to be fortunate) near the bar. They're not the complaining types, so stayed there. Although there was a server available, she did not get to them.
            After about 10 minutes the bartender took pity on them and took their drink order, then she scared up the server.
            My friend reports the food was worse than the service. Pasta and veggies so overcooked he claims he could have consumed it through a straw. SO's meal no better. And the server never returned or checked on them (someone else filled their water and drink needs) until she dropped a bill on the table.
            Guess I'll skip this place and stick with Rouge. Still hope to hear a report about Olio?

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              This sounds dreadful! I guess it'll be back up for sale next winter.