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May 19, 2009 08:55 PM

First Time at Langer's

Planning on going to Langer's for the first time soon. I had the best pastrami sandwich of my life at Katz Deli in NYC last summer. What's my ordering strategy here? Plain pastrami or should I try it with some toppings? I'm thinking of plain to keep the comparison pure and based on other posts will definitely ask for it hand cut. Probably will share 1/2 sandwich, what sides are especially good?

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  1. Keep it simple. Pastrami on rye hand cut and then add some deli mustard to your liking. No cheese, no coleslaw and no pastrami ruben. Skip the sides and go for a whole sandwich.

    1. Be aware that the pastrami sandwich at Langer's is not a monstrous, tall stuffed behemoth, but is actually somewhat modest. The twice-baked rye is an essential complement, soft in the middle and crisp at the crusts. Sides are pretty much your preference -- I like to start with a cup of their matzoh ball soup, and if I have companions we can share an order of their crinkly fries, ordered welldone. The slaw or potato salad are fair, nothing extraordinary. I always order the pastram handcut (though I'm not sure it makes any difference) but I am careful to specify "untrimmed" so they don't remove too much of the fat or spice -- the pastrami can be a bit lean. I'm a purist at Langer's -- no sauerkraut, no zippy cheese, and I don't even add mustard, which is another reason I insist on untrimmed.

      1. if you are going with someone...get one straight and get #19 and split the two...they come cut in half so...its easy to split them. also get french fries extra crispy :)

        1. I'm not a Langer's pastrami fan, so whenever I go with friends, I make sure to treat myself to a Egg Cream.

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            Hi ipsedixit,

            What's your recommendation / favorite Pastrami in LA? Thank you! :)

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              But please don't take my rec to heart as I am, admittedly, not a pastrami aficianado.

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                Yeah... I didn't care for the Pastrami at Oinkster... but it's a completely different beast than Langers...


                It's more hat style... which I like better (But only because it's so much more salty...)



          2. The no. 19 is interesting but I find that it masks the flavor of the pastrami. I go for the simple pastrami on rye, hand cut, and add mustard. Their new pickles are more to my taste than the regular dills. Langer's is pretty much a one trick pony, so aside from the hand cut pastrami the food is simply ordinary deli. The egg creams are delicious, if a bit pricy.