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May 19, 2009 08:41 PM

Dog-friendly in San Antonio?

So far my research has led to Cappy's (really?) and the Sonic (No thanks!).
Do you know of other restaurants and cafes in SA that allow dogs on the patio?

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  1. Well, the Canyon Cafe over in the Alamo Quarry Marketplace has a doogie day
    when you can bring your pet to the restaurant.You may want to call them or email them for more information.
    I really don't know of any places you can bring your pet to all the time.
    I think the concern is not just having your animal around food, but there is the problem what if your dog has to go to the bathroom, what do you do then, what if they urinate or deficate before you get them outside?
    Also, how well behaved are they? Are they used to alot of people and well trained so they won't bark or bite customers or wait staff?

    You might want to see if there is a San Antonio Restaurant Association.If there is,you could call them and ask if there are any places where you can bring your pet on a regular basis.