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May 19, 2009 08:30 PM

good eats on way to YANKs Stadium

driving from upstate coming from albany....can come up 87 or taconic....looking for a good spot to hit before we get to the stadium. My father doesn't understand the food is better at the new staudium so we will stop and have dinner around 530ish.
I am taking him to the stadium for an early father's day gift.

I know there is a good bbq spot called in newburgh but i was thinking arthur avenue as i have never been there.
I was thinking of doing Emilia's up there...someone mentioned a place called Titells but i can find it....any suggestions?

I am not looking for a formal dinner as we are going to the game. Just a great meal before the indian, chinese that evening.....

thanks for any help

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  1. You will find many choices around Arthur Ave. and most of the restaurants are pretty good. Try to get there a little early so you can scout out the restaurants. Emilia's is good but Tietel is a deli/grocery store.

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      Go to Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave- the trattoria opened by Roberto. Great pizzas, pastas and pretty much everything I've had was great. For something way really low key, Catania''s pizzeria on Arthur Ave. has these mini calzones that are some of the best calzones out there.

      The food at the new stadium isn't that great- eating on Arthur Ave. will be worth it. To see more about the stadium check here-

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        Definitely second the recommendation for Zero Otto Nove - it's hard to go wrong there; we recently ate at Emilia's and found it decent but unexceptional.

        1. re: Striver

          Here's a third for Zero Otto Nove. Great food in a casual but stylish setting. If you are running late just eat at the bar and watch the yankees pregame show.