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May 19, 2009 08:14 PM

restuarant at the borgata...

hey guys,

I am having a bit of a brain fart and I can't remember the name of the restaurant that is located in the Borgata, that is located below the casino. (you have to walk down steps to get to the actual seating area.) I want to say that it consisted of Italian cuisine, but it's been a while since I have been there and I am not 100% sure. Can anyone help a girl out?!? Thanks!

ps- I am pretty sure it wasn't Old Homestead and I know it wasn't Bobby Flay or Wolfgang...

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks for your help, I just remembered (with help from friends) that it was Ombra, but I can't wait till I can get down to AC to try out Fornelletto!

      1. re: kmsue

        The winner from this season's Hell's Kitchen will be the sous chef at this restaurant.

        1. re: bgut1

          Have not been to AC in a bit-going next weekend. Did they do away with Ombra? Ate there before-food was good but way over-priced.

          1. re: NJCheech

            i believe ombra is either gone for good or closed for rennovations

              1. re: bgut1

                Ombra is closed for renovation and reopening in a few weeks.
                Specchio is closed and will re open as "Colts Calssics"

                1. re: NJDolfan

                  Specchio was the best restaurant in the Borgata

                  1. re: FISHINC

                    Does anyone know when Specchio is going to reopen? about the same time as Fornelletto maybe?

                    1. re: kmsue

                      My friend who works in the poker room at the Borgata tells me that the word there is everything will be open for the summer.

                      Btw - one vote for the pork sandwich at Tony Luke's in their food court under the poker room as my best cheap meal at the Borgata.

                      1. re: seal

                        No doubt about Tony Luke's. Worth the trip alone.

                        1. re: tommy

                          Just talked to a friend that works at Ombra. Ombra is going to be Fonatellas and will re open on June 24th and the guy from Hell's kitchen will be a sous chef there.

                          Specchio will be delayed opening 2 more months hopefully opening in Sept.

                          1. re: NJDolfan

                            the golden days of Borgata are gone philly slots killed them they need a sports book in AC ..otherwise its just anothercasino ...and they really screwed up the Wate Club hotel do you call your self the waterclub when i have friends who have bigger pools in thier backyard than you do for 800 I love the salad bar at the food court ...fresh and made to order...I think ts called lettuce head

                        2. re: seal

                          hey, seal,
                          who's your Borgata poker room friend?!
                          I deal poker there, too...1
                          (Ellen, day shift)

                          love the green goddess dressing in the "Lettucehead" place in the Borgata food court!

                          1. re: ellen4441

                            How's the employee cafeteria at the Borgata?

      2. They made it sound like the winner of Hell's Kitchen would be the Head Chef at the new place in the Borgata. That it would be "his" restaurant. Are you sure he is the sous chef?

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        1. re: Applecheeks

          Yes. He is only the sous chef. See this article -
          He gets the $250K even if he doesn't set foot in the place.

          1. re: bgut1

            that dude was flipping burgers 2 months ago. he isnt ready to be head chef at white house subs!

              1. re: tommy

                he wasnt exactly flippin burgers, but he wasnt in the position to take over a restaurant at the borgata. i exaggerated a little :)

                1. re: elegantelliot

                  Considering that the show (season 5) was filmed 18 months ago; I'd say you exaggerated ALOT. I bet you can make some vinegar with those sour grapes. :)

          2. re: Applecheeks

            That's what I thought too Applecheeks! I could've sworn that they kept announcing the winner would be 'executive chef ' at the new restaurant in the Borgata...oh well, at least he gained a lot of face time from the show...

            1. re: kmsue

              that was te deal 2 years ago before the Borgata started bleeding money all over the floor.. the Head Borgata guy quit when he saw the writing on the wall .. AC will be down a few years at least ...tey finnished filming that show 18 months ago i was told