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May 19, 2009 07:51 PM

Where are you going for a good steak in CT?

I like Ruth Chris Steakhouse they have a really good steak with great service but the location in CT really needs a makeover. Mortons is also really good i havent been to the one in CT but at other locations i would assume they all are pretty much the same. But i would have to say my Fav place to get a steak is Carmen Anthony's Steakhouse in New Haven. I have always had a great meal there was really good service.

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  1. Rather better than Carmen Anthony's in all ways I can think of (the steak, the sides -- salads, onion rings, etc., the service, the ambience, and the wine list) is Central Steak House on Orange Street (

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      I agree completely. Carmen Anthony isn't bad, but Central Steakhouse would be one of the best restaurants in town even if you took the steak off the menu. The steak is also definitely better, as, unlike Carmen Anthony's, they take advantage of the vast improvements in the beef industry over the last two decades.

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        The link you posted doesn't work. Orange St. in what city or town?

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          Sorry, I thought it was clear we were talking about New Haven, CT. Somehow Chowhound mis-parsed the link. It should be with nothing at the end.

      2. Grants in West Hartford has excellent prime steak

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          If money were no object, I'd say Craftsteak at MGM Grand at Foxwoods. Freaking amazing. Worth every penny. If you're there and happen to win - go there and reward yourself. If you lose, go there - you'll feel that much better!

        2. Gilbert's in Glastonbury...Love the tortilla soup too

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            Geez, Biscuitboy, I totally forgot about Gilbert's! Another great place, with nice atmosphere and great apps and desserts as well. Come to think of it, we have several great options for carnivores in CT. I would not pass up an invite to go to any of the places discussed.

            1. re: Zina

              I'm glad to see two votes for J Gilbert's. I mentioned it on another thread and received feedback that the atmosphere was in line with Chili's and 99--a point with which I couldn't disagree more.

              My only complaint, if there is any downside at J. Gilbert's, is it can be on the loud side. But it's never interfered with our ability to enjoy a meal there. I agree with you both--nice atmosphere and delicious food. I never had the tortilla soup--since I've tried their crab bisque I have a tough time passing that up--but I'll have to try it. Same for their lump crab cakes, which are the best I've had anywhere so far. Have either of you tried them?

              1. re: kattyeyes

                katty, I've had the crab cakes on an appetizer plate. I'm in Baltimore alot on business, and have had my share there. Gilbert's crab cakes are as good as any that I've had in Baltimore! DH took me there last year, for my birthday. They decorated the table so nicely and had dessert on the house!

            2. re: BiscuitBoy

              another vote for J Gilberts, great food, service, all around really nice dining experience!

            3. Mario's in Westport, hands down - best steak and best value.