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May 19, 2009 07:35 PM

Martin Wine Cellar Uptown

Ever since Katrina, I have been desperately missing the Martine Wine Cellar deli and have been waiting in vain for the Baronne street location to reopen. I know there is a deli in the Metairie store, but I *hate* driving to Metry.

Does anyone know if/when the Baronne location will reopen? First I heard it was going to reopen this summer, then I saw somewhere that it wasn't going to reopen until 2010, and now I just heard it is not going to reopen at all--nooooo! Anyone have any scoop?

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  1. I've heard the same thing: 2010. That's what they have on the little signs in the Metairie location, but who knows? Man, I'm missing it, too. Best burgers in town and a whole lotta other good stuff.

    1. I have also heard 2010, but originally it was 2008. Hopefully they will be back soon, but 2010 seems as though it is a LONG time from now.

      1. in the meantime, go to Stein's Deli or St. James Cheese Co.

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          dude, no offense, but they ain't even close. those two are good but don't nearly have the variety. And nobody has a burger even close to what Martins cranks out. Tchefunkta, i feel your pain. I miss them every day.

          1. re: N.O.Food

            dude, didn't say they were close, only "in the meantime".

              1. re: N.O.Food

                The three are different, so it's kind of apples and oranges. The cheese selection and quality at St. James is much better than Stein's or Martin's is/was, I don't think that can even be debated. The sandwiches and salads are good, and big, but the selection is more limited, I guess because they aren't a deli.

                I find the management of the cheese cases at Stein's to be careless. They don't turn over the stock quickly enough and I've had a few experiences with cheeses well past their prime. Luckily, St. James is now open 7 days so we don't have to rely on Stein's for cheese on Sundays anymore.

                There are several sandwiches at Stein's that I love and some are difficult to find elsewhere. The tongue sandwich is awesome and you can't get that anywhere else (to my knowledge, but I'd love to hear about other non-taco places to get a tongue sandwich if anyone knows of any). And the beer selection is interesting and well-curated. If only Dan was as interested in cheese as he is in beer.

                I think Martin's prepared foods like dips and appetizer-type stuff are always really good. The cheese selections is better than Stein's, but the pre-cut and Saran-wrapped wedges are off-putting. They will usually cut fresh if you ask, but they're not really set up to offer that service all the time. As mentioned previously, the menu at Martins uptown was almost always great (I even used to always eat lunch there on my birthday) but I've experienced a few missteps at the Metairie location, to the point that I haven't found myself going out there in the past year or so. This probably has more to do with the on-site chef than any major change in the organization's food philosophy. (Whatever happend to Billy Brigtsen's involvement with Martin's? Did that end with Katrina?) And obviously the wine (and beer) selection awesome, with great prices.

                There is definitely room for all three in the community. I certainly hope Martin's uptown comes back in its entirety - the Magazine St. shop is a pale reproduction. I remember in 2006 when the sign at the Baronne St. shop said opening in 2007, then 2008, and that seemed like so far in the future. 2010 doesn't seem that far off in comparison. Maybe we should all go tape notes up on the door?

                1. re: uptownlibrarian

                  Langenstein's is great for dips and apps...better cheddar anyone?

                    1. re: Shiloh

                      Better cheddar is awesome, never had the smoked mushroom. I do sometimes (slightly shamfacedly) enjoy their meatloaf too.

                      1. re: uptownlibrarian

                        Langs does a pretty good job all around. Their twice stuffed potatoes are admirably at times, and perfect other times. I have always wanted to combine the better cheddah and twice stuffed potatoes into a glorious gluttonous combo.

                        1. re: Lyonola

                          if you like langenstein's better cheddar, i recommend trying the thunder cheese at canseco's on esplanade. it's similar to better cheddar but with some kick from, i think, crushed red pepper. good stuff.

        2. I *so* miss Martin's burgers--so good--their burger specials and the Cedric Sandwich are what I long for. Here's to hoping the reopening will be soon rather than later.

          I've been to Stein's and while it is good, it is not quite as tastilicious as Martin's. I haven't checked out St. James, so will need to do so, cause 2010 is a long way off!