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May 19, 2009 06:45 PM

ATX - ATL - Rome, Customs?

On Monday I will be flying from Austin, TX through Atlanta to Rome, Italy. I've read the U.S. customs website and tips from the APHIS website but I am still worried about specific food items. The group leader recommended we bring comfort food since the stores will be closed by the time we get there.

I was considering bringing (ALL UNOPENED and PACKED IN CHECKED LUGGAGE)
-Peanut butter
-Blackberry or Grape jam (would the fact that it has seeds in it be a problem?)
-a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese
-OR Easy Mac
-Trail mix (nuts, dried berries, chocolate)
-Lindt chocolate truffles
-Other candy
I'll be there for half the summer, hence the long list. :)

I am concerned about bringing those things to Italy but I am also concerned about bring chocolate back to the U.S. Has anyone had experience with these food items specifically, these airports or Italian customs in general?

Thank you!!

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  1. I think you're approaching this backward perhaps :) Rather than looking at what you can and can't bring into the U.S., you need to see what you CAN bring into Italy. Googling will give you plenty of info.

    1. This is an interesting question regarding gifts, but I have to ask: Am I the only one puzzled by the bringing of food to another country for what looks to be a one month stay? I understand how one can miss certain foods when moving permanently, but one month seems like an opportunity to see how the other half eats.

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      1. re: Lizard

        bringing Kraft mac and cheese-food to the land of unbelievable pasta and cheeses? and italy is also known for fabulous chocolates, preserved fruits, etc. perhaps the poster needs to watch her pennies, otherwise can't imagine why one would do so.

        1. re: janniecooks

          Sorry for the confusion, I tried to make myself clear.
          I will be arriving late at night and have been informed that most places to purchase food will be closed. After a long flight I will need to eat, closed Mercato or not!
          The easy mac is requires only water and need not be refrigerated. I by no means intended to insult your taste.

          As to the "approaching it backwards". You're right :) I have already been able to find info regarding my return flight. I have googled Italian customs but the reason I posted here was the items on my list could be a little iffy. I hope someone has experience with jams specifically. I really just need enough to get me through the first night or two.

          I should mention that I will be seeing a friend while I am there that has been in Europe for some time. Some of this is for her. Italian food may be amazing but home is still home and I think everyone can appreciate a little comfort food every once in a while!

          1. re: alisonrd

            There's nothing on your list that looks iffy to me as long as it's in your checked bag. But if you have concerns I'd email the Italian embassy or a consulate and ask specific questions.

      2. Which airline? You'll probably arrive having eaten enough to hold you over.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          That had been my thought also. On those long intl. flights I usually tuck away the packs of crackers, cookies, juices, etc that you've been getting for all those hours. I'm guessing if you're arriving at night that you'll get two meals. You can have a snack, fall into bed and go out in the morning for a cappucino and a pastry. Aaaahhhhh.

        2. My son and family are in Italy. I brought lots of Kraft Mac and Cheese when I visited in Oct. I brought two giant jars of Costco peanut butter when I went in April. Both were in my checked bag. No problem either trip.