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May 19, 2009 06:37 PM

New Orleans Seafood Restaurants

Hi all,

I'm going to be in New Orleans this weekend and am having a hard time finding a decent looking seafood restaurant. Any suggestions for good places that are not total tourist traps? I won't have a car and will be staying right outside the French Quarter. I'm okay with a bit touristy as long as the food is good. Hoping for a casual spot to relax, drink and eat a messy pile of something raw, boiled or steamed. Thanks!

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  1. A few choices:
    Casamento's (Oysters and fried seafood)
    Franky and Johnny's (Boiled seafood) and probably just what you are looking for
    Bozo's(Metairie) The Galley(Metairie)
    Cafe Maspero(A bit touristy, but reasonably priced and good...also located in the FQ)
    Coop's (FQ and lot's of seafood entrees)

    1. raw oysters are great at Desire Oyster Bar at the Sonesta.
      someone here has posted that Yo Mama's serves boiled crawfish on weekends/

      1. Thank you both so much, that's great help. I can't wait to gain 20 pounds this weekend!

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          5 of which is due to humidity. we're better preserved down here.

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            I do agree. My wife (the NOLA native) loves to visit. She claims that her wrinkles pop out, like "Ballpark FranksĀ®," when she arrives at MSY. My question is "what wrinkles?"


          2. We have dined at, and greatly enjoyed G W Fins for most of the years that they have been open. If one is in/near the FQ, I would highly recommend it. It is upscale, though not fine-dining. To drive from across the Metro Area, might be a bit much, considering the wealth of seafood/seafood-oriented restaurants in the City. Still, they have always come through for us.


            Gw Fins
            808 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70112

            1. Not much boiling or steaming going on, yet excellent and reliable seafood and dinners are always the order of the day at Rio Mar. Chef Adolfo always has fresh products, and they're CONSISTENTLY well-prepared and served.