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May 19, 2009 06:23 PM

any pig pickins coming up?

A friend of mine is coming to visit this weekend, and I must take her to get some NC barbecue, of course. But even better would be to take her to a pig pickin'. Does anyone know of any going on in the Triangle area over Memorial Day weekend?

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  1. All of the pig pickin's I've ever been to were private. Did you try and find a festival?

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    1. re: BlueHerons

      It seems like churches and fire departments and that sort of thing are frequently having pig pickins and making brunswick stew as fundraisers. But I never find out about it until after the fact, because it seems the only way they are advertised is on some little sign on the side of the road in the boonies. :-)

      1. re: zomigi

        That's because the good Q is out in the boonies.

        1. re: wb247

          I have no problem with traveling to the boonies to get good Q, I just would like the boonies to advertise their Q-producing fundraising efforts to the non-boonies. :-)

          1. re: zomigi

            Agreed. That would certainly be nice, but they already don't have any trouble selling out, as it is. It's unlikely they'll increase the effort for the same result. :(

            1. re: wb247

              Yep, know what you mean.

              So I guess the answer to this thread is, no, nobody knows of any going on this weekend?

              1. re: zomigi

                No pig pickin' but I saw sign for a fish fry being held in Hillsborough's Exchange Park.

    2. The original comment has been removed