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Is Swine Flu affecting your chowhounding? [moved from Outer Boroughs board]

Curious, if people are staying out of restaurants where your food is handles a lot and you sit closely with patrons..anybody changing their routines, especially in Queens?

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  1. No. Just irrational, paranoid media hype. People don't take the precautions they should during influenza season, which is much more contagious with higher morbidity and mortality than H1N1.

        1. I was offered a free trip to New York, air from Oregon, hotel at Hyatt, meals and ground transportation. Supposed to go in two weeks. Was a mutual fund informational meeting. I passed. To much swine flu in NY plus being in a plane twice from coast to coast.

          1. i did get a little turned off to mexican food. although I've had mexican/salvadorean every day since saturday.

            1. My first impulse is to be greatly affected by fear. My second impulse is hunger. Then the battle between them begins.

              1. Think of it this way. Eating out is always a leap of faith. Unless you're good friends with the chef, you've inspected the kitchen or you are reasonably convinced that your favorite haunts are completely sanitary, there's always an element of chance or risk.

                I would think that now, what with this whole hullabaloo going on, restaurants and employees are being that much more scrutinized. For this reason, employees and management are probably being that much more careful. I don't work in a dining establishment, but, at my place of work, there are - all of a sudden - hand soap dispensers and special instructions every where you look.

                That said, when you leave your own kitchen, you relinquish control.

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                  I agree Polecat, and the uncertainty is part of the fun, in a weird kind of way. This is especially so for those of us who venture forth into the other boroughs where things can get quite dicey.

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                    huh? LOL outer boroughs? you are at risk for catching flu wherever you are around other people. I cant see any diff between eating out (Manhattan or outer boroughs) and going on the subway, to a store or to the office. Ive recently had to discourage support staff from being at work when they are sick and encourage an adult children not to go hang out with her friends when she felt ill.

                    1. re: jen kalb

                      purported "diciness" of the outer boroughs not withstanding, I think you're at more risk from dying on the ride to or from the restaurant than from the possibility of contracting swine flu at the restaurant.

                  2. re: Polecat

                    Having said that, I am reminded that I actually get a kick out of the filth of DiFara's!

                  3. After this weeks hype with the principal etc, I've avoided coatzingo on roosevelt in jackson heights, I doubt I'll be able to hold out more than another 3 days tho.

                    1. Yes. While I'm not one to fall victim to media sensationalism I do feel it's my part as a fellow human on this planet to do away with or dispose of as many of those nasty germ spreading swines as possible.

                      It's the humanitarian in me.


                      1. No, and I agree with Polecat that swine flu is probably the least of the risks you run when going to a restaurant! I haven't had any reason to eat in Queens since the swine flu arrived, but I wouldn't hesitate to do so. And it hasn't stopped me from dining out as usual in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Or, for that matter, from taking public transportation, going to the movies and the theater, etc.--the same as during the winter flu season.

                        1. No I'm not one to be paranoid anyways.