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May 19, 2009 05:42 PM

Cocagne quickie

Quick review on a weekday visit to Bistro Cocagne ( - excellent food all around, prices extremely reasonable for this level of cuisine (they offer a 2-course dinner menu for 26$, 3-course for 35$, and a tasting menu for 55$), fare is what could be called inventive bistro, with seasonal products, very competently done - chef Alexandre Loiseau was head chef at the regretted La Bastide, and also worked at Toqué apparently. Service friendly and helpful if not terribly polished. An excellent value, I'm not sure why it's apparently not that popular (or talked about on this board). On a wednesday night, there were 4 tables occupied. Go while it's still open !

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  1. Thanks for this suggestion, I never know where to go in that area because so many choices and I am wary of disappointments so will give this one a try. Prices are appealing!

    1. Had a great mushroom risotto with fois gras there a few years ago yummy !!!!!

      1. Loved Bistro Cocagne when we visited three years ago, and went back two nights in a row last weekend. Great food, really let the ingredients shine through - a simple arugula salad was perfectly dressed, and we shared calf's liver and duck leg entrees that were just ideally prepared. My husband is very particular about waiters and we felt the service was wonderful - servers were friendly and personable, but didn't hover or rush us through our meal. It was really nice to watch St. Denis through the open windows in a quiet place without the mad crowds of some of the other restaurants. Oh, and get Pudding Chomeur for dessert - it has a cakelike crust and a creamy maple layer below, and is served in a small skillet with housemade maple ice cream... so delicious!