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May 19, 2009 05:20 PM

Asian Grill, Oakland. Mongolian Menu-Anyone been?

During my ritualistic under-employed walk today, I passed "Asian Grill." On the menu they have two pages of Japanese food, one page of American/Breakfast food and one page of Mongolian food. I was curious about this because there used to be a place down the street with some dumplings, etc., that seemed to focus on snack food and, weirdly. Pizza. I don't think its there anymore.

My images didn't come out well enough, noontime glare, but here is what I think I can see in my bad pics. Sorry in advance for my lack of detail.

Dumplings(2 types in the $3-4 range)
(something that starts with an 'M' Buuz

Soup(8 types $6.50-8.50)
Two kinds of Bantan
Guriltai Shul
I cant read the others but the English looks like
"Beef, vegetables, meatball, dried potato and clear noodle in thick soup"
"Vegetable, beef soup with small dumpling"
"Vegetable beef soup"
Birthai Khar Shul(??)

Sauteed Plate(3 Types looks like all are $6.99)
I cant read anything on this but looks like three dishes and I see fried noodles(?)

Deep Fried
Khuushuur two pieces, $3.00

Salat (3 types, $2.50-4.50)
"Potato, egg, beef, carrots, pickle in...mayonnaise"(? not sure)
"Iceberg, carrots, onions, in...(? not sure looks like the word starts with a V and has two G's)
"carrots, onions, garlic"

Rice Plate(5 types, all look to be $7.49)
Guhlyah(?)"beef stew in (something) sauce
Tumanli (m-something) Khuurga "ground beef ..."(?)
Chinguulai (??)

They also have a dessert & drink section on the Mongolian menu. Happy Hour is 99cents for Beer, Sake or Wine with an order. Hmmm, interesting.

Does anyone know anything about this place?? Not very good reviews on Yelp but no-one really commented on the Mongolian menu.

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  1. Location:

    Asian Grill
    352 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612

    1. I don't know anything about it, but wanted to link the thread about the Pizza-Rama mongolian and pizza place because it has some info about the community and what these dishes might be.

      Looking forward to some reports!

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Yes! I didn't realize it was called Pizza Rama, funny with the Mongolian dishes. I remember trying some cool-bad-for-you-chip-like snack foods and I beleive two types of dumplings but we couldnt seem to communicate that we really DID want to try the other Mongolian dishes.

        I certainly got more interested in Asian Grill when I saw the happy hour deal :). Maybe a recession Chowdown is in order?

      2. We went for lunch and ordered from the Mongolian menu. The house-made noodles with beef were my favorite, followed by the dumplings that come ten to an order and are something like XLB. The meat pies are huge (one $3 order of two is plenty for four to share). I wouldn't order the dumplings in salt milk tea again.

        Everything was much better than the same dishes at Pizza-Rama, the only other Mongolian place I know. The server / manager comped us some miso soup from the Japanese menu but it was pretty bad.

        Since no one has mentioned the Mongolian menu, I wonder if it's a recent addition? Maybe the place changed hands?

        138 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          I went for lunch and tried the Mongolian dumplings (the ones that come 10 to an order), pretty thick wrappings that tended to fall off but tasty filling, very similar to Tibetan momos. Also tried the cabbage salad, which rather than some interesting Mongolian item turned out to be pretty good cole slaw.

          People at another table sent back some of the Japanese food they'd ordered.

        2. Did anyone notice that the korean writing beneath the restaurant sign says "draft beer, love room?"