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May 19, 2009 05:05 PM

Does red wine in a box stay fresh for days?

Looking to have a single glass of red wine every night and want to avoid spoilage.

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  1. Had the boxed red wine 2x. Not bad, not great.

    Better than leaving a bottle set for a 1 week with a cork I think. But it goes both ways. Not bad

    1. The Bota Box is supposed to stay fresh for 45 days after opening. I have not tried it yet though.
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      1. Not all box wines are the same, but generally yes. It should be good for several weeks.

        1. Box wine is usually ( if not always ) pasteurized. Should live a long life.

          1. I've had Black Box Merlot opened for 2 months and then started to notice that it was starting to go.