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Does red wine in a box stay fresh for days?

Looking to have a single glass of red wine every night and want to avoid spoilage.

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  1. Had the boxed red wine 2x. Not bad, not great.

    Better than leaving a bottle set for a 1 week with a cork I think. But it goes both ways. Not bad

    1. The Bota Box is supposed to stay fresh for 45 days after opening. I have not tried it yet though.
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      1. Not all box wines are the same, but generally yes. It should be good for several weeks.

        1. Box wine is usually ( if not always ) pasteurized. Should live a long life.

          1. I've had Black Box Merlot opened for 2 months and then started to notice that it was starting to go.

            1. Seems like the idea of a collapsing 'bag' within the box is a good way to keep air away from the wine to prevent oxidation. Same idea as an expensive closed-system preservation unit but without adding gas. One thing I'd be concerned about is whether the plastic bag has any impact on taste. Then, too, the quality of wine sold in a box, although some are quite passable, is not generally a wine of a complexity level that would have a lot of subtle elements that could degrade quickly.

              1. OP, that's what half bottles are for!

                No need to subject yourself to plonky wine in a box if you only want a glass per night. Half bottles will give you two nights' worth of much better quality juice with minimal, if any, spoilage.

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                  Except that for daily drinkers, half bottles often cost nearly as much as full bottles

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                    Ah, but like daily eaters, Fresh sushi grade tuna is more expensive than canned. It is all a matter of getting what you pay for.

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                      Exactly. The quality available in half bottles is almost exclusively better than what's available in the box. Why drink meh wine?

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                        My local wine store had 1/2 bottles of Louis Jadot Beaujolias-Villages today for $5.95! (I know it is not the best, but it ain't boxed either...lol)

                2. Stopped over at friends the other night at he had a box of red wine. I admit I didn't catch the name. But he drinks maybe 1 glass a night and basically keeps it for a couple of his friends that stop by and drink wine. I was surprised, it was better than the other times I have had it and he said he had it for a few weeks and still very good tasting.

                  1. We have been buying boxed red wine for a few years now, and it is the wine company asks for when they come over. We buy a 16 litre box (we're Canadian) and I have never had the flavour go bad. I think it is the ultimate in convenience!

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