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May 19, 2009 04:57 PM

Recent dining at 42 in White Plains?

Has anyone been to 42 (top of the Ritz Carlton) in the last 6-8 weeks? I can't find any reviews from anytime recent. Give a shout out if you've been & weigh in whether we should go there for dinner this Friday (Memorial Day Weekend). My biggest concen is feeling like I flushed my wallet down the toilet. I don't mind spending the money if it's really good. thanks!

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  1. Haven't been there in a few months, but my suggestion for 42 is always to go for drinks and small plates (where you get to enjoy the amazing view) then head down to BLT (which is excellent, although everybody on here likes to bash it) for dinner. That makes for an wonderful evening. You can always go to Via Quaddrono or Peniche, which are both right around the corner, if BLT isn't your thing.

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      We were thinking of doing the exact opposite...or maybe a combo of the above. Were thinking Peniche for happy hour small plates & wine, then to 42 for an entrees & dessert. Someone else on here had suggested Soma 107. Maybe there instead of 42 for the latter part of the evening? We are going to BLT for dinner on Saturday.

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        There is a new menu at 42. A two page memu. Has some small plates, some dishes from the old Trotters. Strange menu.

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          I really enjoyed Soma 107 - foodwise, a better alternative to 42. You must go to 42 for drinks or dessert at least though, to see the view. Peniche is always great for anything, so if you work that in there somehow you shouldn't be disappointed.

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            Someone told me that they tried to go to 42 at the end of May and it was closed-- permanently. Anyone know the 4-1-1?

            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              Friends were there last week for dinner and it was open.

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                the website is still up and running

        2. I havn't been there in a few months but I thought it a huge disappointment. It was a saturday night, the bar and dining room were both dead, the food was good but not to the caliber of the prices, by far. I found the whole place very pompous, I have had a better time at BLT. Plus, when you leave your cell phone at the table after you drop $450 for two people, it'd be nice if the bus boys didn't steal it, as they did, and call people and send things to people on my contact list. I also found the sommelier to a a pompous windbag.

          1. went there for restaurant week and all I can say i thank the lord I only had to pay $29, the food was good but WAY overated and looking at the regular menu I would never come back at full price.

            1. we finally made our visit to 42; actually, twice in the last two weeks. the first time at a table for four and last night for ten, birthday party celebration. The food is OK; not as good as you would suspect based on our previous experiences with Trotters' food. Anthony must certainly like pepper, as a few of the dishes are too spicy (and I travel with my own pepper mill); the lobster and bison.
              The view is certainly great; the bar on the north side of the building is great as well as the view ( an out door smoking lounge is right next to the bar). the wine list is long and seems to be priced right based on the high end wines stocked. Last night we had a 2005 neut st george which was great. The service was poor; we waited half an hour between dessert and coffee. unacceptable after a three hour meal. It seems he is focusing on his regular customers as I watched him during both visits as he worked the floor and visited selected tables. Yes, a restaurant survives based on return visits by the "regulars" but it would be nice if other customers were provided the same level of service.

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                If food is ok and not as good as it should be or service sucks why do people go back again??? I don't get it

                1. re: Paris76

                  The view, the view, it's all about the view. Drinks are excellent too

                  1. re: wpfoodie

                    The view is nice and now it is a good place for drinks since they lowered the prices. Food is nothing to rave about. Bring back Trotters..