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May 19, 2009 04:09 PM

fresh fiddleheads in LA?

Anybody know of a produce place or gourmet store that sells these? They'd be an East Coast import, probably from Canada, delicious little ferns. Had them in Vancouver and it was love. Only this time of year, I think. Please reply if you know a local source...

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  1. I haven't found them locally, but you can order them online from

    1. I saw fiddleheads at a booth at the Encino Farmer's Market last weekend.

      1. Trader Joes had them last year, imported from Canada, but I have not seen them this year yet.

        1. Consider trying the Korean and Japanese markets as well. Called "gosari" in Korean, and "warabi" in Japanese, you may have some luck at places like Freshia, Marukai, Mitsuwa, and other Korean or Japanese markets.

          1. I've found them for the last few years at Whole Foods (Sherman Oaks).

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              I saw them at Whole Foods (El Segundo) a week or two ago, next to the mushrooms. So I'd guess at least all of the mega Whole Foods have them now. But they didn't seem to be in very good condition... so I wouldn't recommend a trip there unless really desperate.