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May 19, 2009 04:01 PM

Chelsea Court Meat Market open again!

We got our butcher back. It's not Anthony, but it is a butcher, and it looks pretty good. If you ask me, this is the best possible outcome, except for the fact that Anthony and his family are gone. The place got spruced up, but it hasn't lost any of its character. The cases are the same and even the old butcher block is still there, only now the whole place is more inviting (including the room off to the left).

The new owners have left up the Chelsea Court Meat Market awning, but they're called something with that starts with a K. I'll update this post, but if anyone knows anything about these guys, please let us know. They were very friendly, and they had lots of great looking meat sitting in the case, including a whole calf's liver, plus a couple tubs of pate on top for sampling.

For any of you who were there when Anthony closed up shop, it was like a neighborhood funeral -- more sad for the fact that such events are seemingly the only times people from the neighborhood come out of the woodwork to mingle freely and talk about what they like about New York. So I'm hopeful that the new place is a worthy successor and manages to bring people together.

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  1. .

    Knickerbocker Meat Market
    166 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

      1. It turns out that Anthony is back behind the counter as what appears to be a hired hand role. I'm sure we all wish him well & hope that this new role let's him relax a bit & enjoy his family more. After all he was pretty much a one man show since Ernie, his brother cut back to Saturday's & holiday rushes.

        1. The new butcher is FAR FAR better than the old one. The old guy may have been a neighborhood institution but his shop was dirty and scary and mediocre quality. The new place has very high quality meat. He sells more prime cuts than you can find at Whole Foods or Garden of Eden (where did all the prime meat go???) and supplies some to Peter Luger. Nice guys too, will cut you a deal if you seem to be from the hood. SO much better. Also, this is a butcher shop from the Bronx. Not like the old guy was replaced by a Starbucks.

          Yikes, didn't know the old butcher was working the counter. I hope he wasn't offended that I was gushing to the young guy about how much of an improvement it was and how much cleaner!

          1. Just wanted to say a few more words about Knickerbocker. The meat is great, but you may be turned off if you just go in and look at what's in the case. They keep pretty much everything in the cooler -- and much of that in vacuum-sealed packages -- so you're just going to have to trust them and order off the posted list. That said, the quality is very high. I've gotten great, humongous lamb shanks, nice brisket, and the hanger steak is possibly the best deal in there. Ground meats are very good, as well.