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May 19, 2009 03:32 PM

Le Pois Penche brunch - Mehhh

I felt compelled to write a review of the Sunday brunch we had at Le Pois Penche.
They must have thought we had the whole afternoon to spend; the restaurant was nowhere near full, and yet it still took over an hour for our mains to arrive.
My hubby, who ordered from the 2-course Prix-Fixe menu, received his "carpaccio" soon enough. Since when did dried up prosciutto equal carpaccio? It was served with some sliced grapes on top...uninspired, and unexpected.
For mains, hubby had the eggs benedict, and declared he'd had better hollandaise sauce at Ricky's All Day Grill.
My egg white omelet was fine, although it arrived with ham instead of mushrooms as I had ordered. After an hour's wait, I didn't feel like sending it back. Our friend's omelet was perfectly fine, but then's an'd think it would be hard to screw up. At $9 plus $1.50 for every add-on, definitely not worth the price. One half-cherry tomato and sugar snap pea as garnish - yahoo.

All served with a heaping side of disdain from our surly waiter. Wouldn't go back; glad I decided to just waste a brunch there and not dinner.

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  1. Yeah, I posted a while back about my lunch there, and I totally agree with the unexceptional food and the snootiness of the waiters. I'm thinking, Dude, even in PARIS the waiters don't do attitude like that anymore. Not cool.

    1. When I was last in Montreal, the Sofitel concierge kept referring us to this place. We kept finding places along the way to eat at instead (like LE Taj for example), so we never ate there. I'll be back in Montreal for Jazz Fest, we plan to skip this place for sure. Thanks for the report.

      1. It's like you read my mind; I was just searching for mentions of this restaurant today. Everything I found was about year or more old. Seems nothing's changed, because they (and the print reviews) are all negative. Normally I'd ask you to elaborate on the surly waiter, but its been detailed elsewhere.

        Does anyone else have recent opinions on this place? Or anything good to say?

        Sadly this seems to show that location, location, location, and appearances can be enough for success.

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        1. re: Shattered

          I was at this "bistro Français" soon after there opening and the waiter was "très snob" even "arrogant" after we didint order wine (we dont drink)
          i had the steam boat wich is a "boeuf Bouilli wrap around a bone" and the waiter said that it was so tender that it fell off the bone, no wonder cause the meat was never on the bone from the start!
          we should have gone right for the door when they mention that the meat was from la queue de cheval! (wich was my worst ever meal for the price)
          i have ordered french fries to go with it and as la queue de cheval, you can not go worst than this, very dark mushy and stinky.
          no wine, no drinks, no dessert, no service, not good and almost 100$ for two.
          in one word : Avoid

          1. re: chocofab

            isn't it part of a group of restaurants such as Queue, Prima Donna, etc...

            I've avoided it so far, the decor tries too hard to be authentic parisian , imo.....

            1. re: superbossmom

              Yes, QdC, Trinity, Pois Penché, Weinstein & Gavino's...

              All owned by the lovely, lovely Pete Morentzos.


              1. re: SnackHappy

                That's one creepy website. Overpriced fake Paris bistro aside, I walk by a least once a day and if it's legal to occupy that much of the sidewalk with tables and chairs we have a serious bylaw problem in Montreal.