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May 19, 2009 03:30 PM

Need all Foodie Help Please!!

I have a some friends (2 couples) coming to Seattle mid June and want to take them out to dinner in the downtown/Belltown area that won't break my budget. If you know of any great places that we could dine for $20-29 entree, I would appreciate your help.
I live over in Kitsap and don't get to the city very often to know where to go. I've had a few suggestions from friends here,
if you care to give your opinion: Cutters Bay House, Il Bistro, and Flying Fish.
Thank you all in advance!
Linda H.

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  1. I like Etta's Seafood better than the 3 you mentioned. Good and not-so expensive and interesting food & atmosphere: Cyclops

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      I have dined there, thank you for the reminder!

    2. Can you share more about what kinds of food you & your friends might like? What sort of atmosphere?

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      1. re: Scott O

        We are open to most any ethnic food, but think they are leaning towards northwest cuisine or seafood, fish as they are from the Nevada desert and do not get much fresh seafood there. We like laid back, soft music, and nice ambiance. No loud music or rushed feeling. Thanks for asking. I'll look forward to your opinion.

      2. No to the three mentioned- they are overpriced or not note worthy IMO. I would start with suggesting- Restaurant Zoe, Barolo, Steelhead Diner (for the view and local food), The Palace Kitchen, & Travolta- in Belltown area...

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          I'll check out your suggestions, and thank you for your help.

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            Which of all your suggestions would you most likely pick?

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              Really any of them- depends on the menu of the night and the desired atmosphere- all of their websites give provide good examples of what to expect.

          2. I think it's not quite downtown, but there's a great place called Rover's that my dad took me to when I visited. It's not cheap, but they're running a bistro menu according to their website - 4 courses for $45. That could work for you.


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                Looks great! The bistro menu price is only for a pre-determined menu and they are a diverse group.
                I'll have to go there one night with hubby when we are not feeling the recession pinch.
                Thanks again

                1. re: ljohaines

                  I hear you. Good idea though, going another time. I've only been the once, but my dad has been several times and has never had anything less than a superb meal. And he's a food critic...

                  1. re: berbadeerface

                    I met the chef of Rover's at a foodie event at the Palace Kitchen...he and Tom Douglas do a radio show together.
                    I'm a real foodie. I'd love to hear where your father recommends!

                    1. re: ljohaines

                      My dad's been going to the Seattle Chef's Table series of dinners Thierry, Tom Douglas and 4 other chefs have been doing together ...unfortunately for him, he doesn'd get to go for free, but he's been having a blast and if I didn't live in Philadelphia I would have been there with him!

                      Here are his reviews from the Kitsap Sun, for whom he freelances:

                      Since you live over in Kitsap some of these may be useful. His email address is on the reviews so I'm sure he won't mind you dropping him a line for opinions on other restaurants. He knows a lot of great places in Seattle, some of which I've been lucky enough to be taken to.

                      1. re: berbadeerface

                        Thanks a bunch for your help and information. I really appreciate it!

              2. Long Provincial Vietnamese, at Second and Stewart, 1901 Second.
                Vietnamese food is especially bountiful in Seattle, and though I've not been to Long, it might be just what you need.
                Please let us know how it goes, wherever you go.

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                1. re: mrnelso

                  Long Provincial is a good call. certainly better than Il Bistro, Cutters, or Flying Fish.