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May 19, 2009 02:54 PM

Dungeness Crab Season yet?

Headed out to San Francisco this weekend, was wondering if dungeness crabs are in season? What is the price per pound at the Asian markets?

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  1. Not until November or thereabouts.

    1. Local Dungeness is season is over, for all practical purposes -- it starts in November and technically runs to June, but the bulk of the catch is over by February.

      Live Dungeness is available year-round in Asian markets, but it's brought in from farther north (Washington, Alaska), where the season runs later, and is more expensive than it is during the height of the season.

      1. Last sighting at Ranch 99 last week was $9.99/lb for crab. Lobster was $5.99 but could have been much less since there were none in the tanks.

        1. Spud Point in Bodega had beautiful almost 4Lb Dungeness last Sunday. 8.99$, cooked. Spectacular. Dense fabulous flavor. One big boy was plenty for dinner.

          The signs for live Dungeness were up too at that "fisherman" house on the way to Spud Point.

          Spud Point Crab Company
          1860 Westshore Rd, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

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            Yeah, that's why I said "for all practical purposes" -- there are still some small operators who are bringing in local Dungeness this time of year, but I think most of it is sold direct to consumers or to the local fish house/market -- very little if any of it gets into the distribution stream.

          2. If the Pilgrims had landed in Mendocino rather than Massachusetts people would call
            the fourth Thursday in November crab day rather than turkey day. That's also just
            about when the price/availability quotient drops into the reasonable zone.